LCARS website

Fungun (Tim) makes extensive use of this interface also and has incorporated it into Main Lobby as well. You can check out his work over at the Cinemar Forums.

Edit: Sorry, HERE is Tim's interface on HS forums. He is also very active on the Cinemar (Main Lobby) forums as well (which is why I got them mixed up).

I would also like to add that he is a very cool guy and has helped me out with some custom GIF images that he knew I wanted!!! :D
I knew it was associated with Star Trek but wasn't sure what it "really" was. I find it so busy that it sends me into an epileptic seizure. :D

Thanks for the updates guys.
I agree Rupp, as cool as it is, it's way too busy for me as well, and barely usable if you are trying to make your touch screen interface user friendly.
Well..... not to try and send anyone into an "epileptic seizure", I have always been a pretty big Star Trek fan, from birth I think, Probably passed on from the parental units :D

Fungun has been an inspiration to my HomeSeer setup from the very beginning. When I was first setting up my Homeseer site, FunGun and I were coorisponding quite a bit and sharing ideas with each other, as we both share a fondness for the LCARS interface. It is a simple color coded interface, and I personally find it VERY touch screen friendly. For me it is easy to navigate on a touchscreen device with large buttons, instead of underlined and sometimes small text, to interact with.

I started out with the Main Lobby 30 trial, and LOVED it! The only drawback was that it worked great on the LAN, but was not accessable over the net without installing client software on the remote machine. I then started to learn ASP and converted everything to custom ASP pages a little at a time for my setup. This way it worked from ANY web browser over the internet, from anywhere. This has taken me literally hundreds of hours of coding, and graphic design, working on each section at a time till it was completed.

Watching Star Trek, I always loved the props that they used on the show to see enviormental condidtions, control the computer and lighting ect. But it was just that "props". It was a simple Hollywood style prop with a translucent overlay on a wooden or plastic block with bluescreen technology to simulate a "futuristic" electronic device.

After my setup was nearing completion, I purchased a Viewsonic Airpanel. This was the catalyst for my system! Not only does the Airpanel look like one of the devices on Star Trek (a PAD as known on the show), it allowed me to do what they portrayed with the cheasy props on the TV shows, in real life! I can contol the climate in the house, control lights, retreive information, check voice mail, message friends, purchase movie tickets and so much more in REAL LIFE.

(WARNING! Self plug follows.......)

To see a live working "LCARS" interface, you can check out my HomeSeer site at the link in my signature. Then follow the "My HomeSeer" link on the left. This will work rather slowly in comparison to here on the local network. Wtih my DSL connection, there is a 64k limit on uploading :( On the screens in the house, and local computers, the reaction is almost instant. The LCARS interface is 99% graphical, and can be bandwith intensive.

There is a lot you can see and do from the site with guest access, but there is also a lot that is hidden to "guest" users. I have set up my site as much as possible to give a good feel for what is possible with Homeseer and home automation, but, for reasons anyone here can understand, I had to limit what is publicly available. For certain pages, that were not completely "taboo" such as caller ID, I simply coded it to hide the full names and phone numbers ect. Other pages, like live camera's, & alarm status in the house are completely hidden, and not visable with a guest login.

Check it out and let me know what you think. If you do stop by, please take just a sec and sign the guestbook to let me know who stopped by.

NOTE: My HomeSeer site works best with Internet Explorer. There is no ActiveX or malitious code on the site. It is just about the ONLY site I actually use IE for.