LCD Driver


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Hi Eric,

When using your LCD tester and driver with a 4 line display, it only controls the 2 first lines.

Which code should be altered in the testdriver to get the 4 lines working?

Kind regards,
Thanks Eric.

A nice question, but propably no answer :)

I have a Lacross WS 2310, which will be obsolete when my 1-wire station is implemented. Do anyone know if it is possible to address this LCD screen, that is in the box, it would be nice, but !!!!!

Another thing, what about a LCD display in the same size as the Lacross WS2310, do they exists, and can they be connected to the 1 wire network?

I have been using Tim Bitsons book, for my new weatherstation, and I must say, that it works like a charm.

I'm not familiar with the LaCrosse station but I would figure that thier LCD is custom made for that device and would not be easliy hooked up to 1-Wire.