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I have a few LCD flat panel VGA monitors in my house. Anyone have any success simply adding a tuner to them for TV?

Since I have them anyway, it might be cheaper to get a cheap tuner to send the signal to the monitor - I need my cable box no matter what to watch TV, so I don't need a crazy tuner.
I've got a box from ViewSonic that works pretty well. I think it's a VB50HRTV.
Viewsonic TV/Video Processors
It has composite, s-video, cable (RF - it has a tuner), and VGA inputs. The output is VGA. It also has a remote control.

There are several others out there from different companies.

My experience has been that the quality of the monitor will affect the picture. When this box was connected to my really cheap (now dead) MAG 15" LCD monitor, the picture was pretty poor. Connected to my 19" Hitachi CRT, the picture is very good.
I'll second the Viewsonic tuners. I have a Viewsonic N4 connected to a 17" monitor in my deck gazebo. Works great.
I don't know the cost of the Viewsonic tuner, but I do know the cost of a combination video card/tuner for the computer that the monitor is probably already plugged into, and that is about 80 bucks through my computer store. the type is common and is probably available through the internet for less than through me. :eek:

Just another option for the same job