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Hi Guys,

I'm working with a manufacturer in China directly to order some LED lights. These are flexible LED light strips that come on little rolls and have adhesive backs. They come in a lot of varieties (waterproof with various ratings, not waterproof); lots of colors, and bright white or warm white.

Here's a site where you can take a look at a pretty similar product lineup: http://www.ledlightsworld.com/led-strips-flexible-led-strips-c-1_49.html - if you find strips and power supplies there, I should be able to match them exactly.

I've ordered from this company before (several rolls just to test out the lights) - and now I'm doing another order for friends and family. I wanted to see if anyone else wanted to get in on this order.

The specific ones I ordered are the
  • SMD5050 tri-chip color LED strips
  • SMD3528 rolls (these come at normal density - 18 LED's per foot or double density with 36 LED's per foot) - or 300/600 LED's per single 16.4ft roll.
The SMD3528's have a LOT of options for colors, including warm white, bright white, and normal spectrum colors. I bought the 600 LED rolls in bright white, but also a sample of the 1ft. of the normal density warm white just for comparison. 1 foot of that stuff with the 16 LED's can light up a dark room pretty well. The 12ft of double density I have installed in my kitchen lights up the whole downstairs of my house at night. What's really cool about these is that they can be cut to length every 3 LED's - so depending on density, it's between 1.5" to 3" they can be cut - with solder points to create connections. They also have slip connectors available - they work OK for very stable installs, but if you have the know-how, just solder the points - it's much better.

Example Uses:
  • Cove Lighting (Above crown moulding, in an artistic ceiling cove, above cabinets, etc) - I did the SMD5050 tri-chip LED there and bought a cheap controller for it - and mounted above my kitchen cabinets - now by remote I can choose color, or have it cycle and control speed... they're all VERY bright, and can go to almost a bright white with all on. It looks really good.
  • Stair lighting - either under treads or along the side
  • Covered patio - around the perimeter
  • Behind glass tiles to light through them
  • Under Cabinet lighting (it costs hundreds to get under cabinet lighting from Home Depot, and you won't get near the same coverage!)
  • Accent lighting in cars/boats (there are waterproof options, and waterproof transformers available).
  • Pathway lighting
There are a lot of options - it's really worth checking out that link. Typically I buy the strips with the white background, non-waterproof (for indoors) and Class A LED's.

  • $70 per roll for the SMD3528's at 600 LED's
  • $45 per roll for the SMD3528's at 300 LED's
  • $70 per roll for the SMD5050 Tri-color LED's
  • For the other stuff I can get pricing pretty easily.
Then various pricing for the power transformers - check the wattage on the strips if you want those - where I'm running 1200 LED's that's 96Watts or 8 Amps @ 12V... I like http://www.ledlightsworld.com/heavy-duty-industrial-series-adapter-110220v-ac-to-12v-dc-p-129.html"]these[/url] transformers best - if they're mounted away because they have exposed 120V terminals; or http://www.ledlightsworld.com/led-power-supply-110220v-ac-to-12v-dc-p-117.html"]These[/url] if you want something smaller and safer. They also have end to end connectors, connectors with leads, and t-shape connectors - but as I said above - solder if you can - the little clips can just be annoying in tights spaces.

These prices include getting them shipped from China to US and covering all customs on my end - then I'd send to you via US Mail. The whole process will take about 2 weeks from date of order. I'd like to run this for a week or so to answer any questions and build up interest, then order around 7/20.

Please ask any questions and take a good look - these things have so much potential - and if you look around at the prices all over the net, this is way cheaper (the online prices you see rarely count US Customs or shipping from China - which can add 30+ percent of the cost). Also there are some cheap ones going on eBay - they're going to be the Class C quality and still have to go through customs as well. The ones I order are top quality, 2yr warranty. They should last a long time. I don't mind mixing and matching the order up with different colors and types in the order either.

And I'll try to post some pictures here as soon as I can that show how these look.


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Just wanted to confirm that Work2Play has been a very supportive member for years, and spends a lot of time in the CocoonTech.com chat room.



I'm still converting my outdoor lighting to LED. I current have one zone converted and I used MR-16's & MR-11's. Its been fine now for about a year. I would like to start converting the bayonet type 7 watt lighting to a similiar use LED. I originally paid $3-4 dollars for the 1-3 watt MR16/MR11 lamps and purchased enough to cover the one zone (like maybe 20 or so). Will there be any deals on these?

Another outside endeavor is the deck. I currently have about 14 of the ones pictured. I illuminate the two sets of stairs on the deck and have these mounted on the railings. I took one apart the other day and its a small bayonet mount which is clipped to the inside. Its easy to snap off and move the mount out to put in a lamp. Ideally though would add some in the deck surface lighting.


I'm kind of testing the tube LED fluorescent style 12VDC type lighting in the house for an under the cabinet look. I don't really like it too much after about 2 years under some counters in the basement.

I have now had in place 120VAC hockey puck LEDs under two cabinets which after a year of being on 24/7 still work OK; I just don't like the coloring of these. I haven't redone the kitchen yet (its on the list) and using my garage (which I have 1/3 redone) and installed custom kitchen cabinets on two walls.

I currently have conventional 120VAC switches hooked up to the under the cabinet hockey puck LEDs. Is there a way to go to the strip lighting using a small footprint transformer of sorts. The hockey puck cabinet lighting currently runs to a 4" box in one of 4 cabinets with a similiar setup with a 3 cabinet setup.


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I am interested. . . which RGB strip is that price for? What are you using for a controller? I see a few with serial inputs out there. . .


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Thanks for the kind words E! I'm definitely a regular on CT, and an avid DIY'er (when it makes sense).

Pete - I can get MR16's in a Par30 High Power Spotlight (5 1W LED; 310-360Lumen); 1 3W Spotlight (140-160 Lumen, 30 degree spread), and 3x1Watt (claims 630 Lumen). They also have an RGB - I'd have to get more information on how you control color (I think you buy one with the remote and the rest without - and they use a remote to set color). If you're interested, let me know and I can get some pricing. They're in China so I have to wait till the middle of the night when they're working.

For the Bayonet - Is there another name for that base? I don't see them off-hand.

For power supplies, there are the ones I linked above - the little laptop-style power supply isn't horribly big - or what I did was run the higher current one above my cabinets and run a wire down the inside corner - you can't see it at all.

mdesmarais - That price is for the SMD5050 Tri-Chip LED strips w/150 LED's per roll. These are insanely bright. They have some controllers that are RF controlled; the one I picked up is kinda cheesy but has an RF remote to select color/mode and has a DMX input I considered using for the future. It does a nice adjustable-speed fade between colors, or you can select a static color.

I've really been considering ordering one of these and hooking it to a globalcache wifi serial adapter and doing something custom through Elve to adjust color; for now I just use the remote though.


Thanks Work2Play

I'm attempting to swap out whatever halogen lamps that I use today for the Malibu and Kichler landscaping lighting.

I'll have to review what I used so far and is working. I have 7 individual zones and trying one at a time which is the easiest way for me.

Each zone has a variety of different lighting; a mix of halogen (4 or 5 types) and incandescent (2-3 types).

One bayonet style (looked at a box of them - toro - T5's).

The only one that I did so far only used the MR11/16's 1 watt or 3 watt LED lamps which made it really easy.

Easiest if I post pictures of the different style bulbs in use today next to a ruler as I am not familiar with the naming conventions.

I'm making a spreadsheet.

So far see:

7 W wedge base bulb

10 W halogen bi-pin


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mdesmarais - That price is for the SMD5050 Tri-Chip LED strips w/150 LED's per roll. These are insanely bright. They have some controllers that are RF controlled; the one I picked up is kinda cheesy but has an RF remote to select color/mode and has a DMX input I considered using for the future. It does a nice adjustable-speed fade between colors, or you can select a static color.

I've really been considering ordering one of these and hooking it to a globalcache wifi serial adapter and doing something custom through Elve to adjust color; for now I just use the remote though.

That is one of the ones I found!

I also looked at these, for more DIY


and this, for lower cost, just add external transistor/FETs to get the needed power. I think this will be the best cost/work ratio. ;-)

Do you have any experience with the water proof versions?

What do you expect shipping costs out from you to be? I am in 01532. As the pricing for the tri-colors is not as aggressive as the 600 3528s, need to see if it makes sense.




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Hi Markd,

I planned to just use USPS flat rate shipping to make it easy. a single strand would fit a padded envelope; a couple strands and/or a power supply should fit the small box. That puts them in the $5-$10 range.

I haven't used the waterproof ones first hand but they come in IP 65, 67, or 68 - which should make them pretty impervious! The only catch is that there are no compatible connectors (it comes with one pre-attached to one end) so if you need to cut/splice you're on your own for soldering the connection then waterproofing with something like liquid electrical tape.


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Can you get a price for one roll of 5050/150 per roll yellow background in IP65?

I am also interested in one roll of 3528/300 per roll warm white, white background, indoor.



Mike C

does anyone have any experience with lighting an entire room with LED. building a new cabin, and wondering if we could not do recessed lighting and somehow use LED lighting ? ..


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I was looking in to some of these LED strips and was wondering how yours have held up so far.

Any plans on placing another order?



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Hi Gatchel,

I love these LED strips - I think they have amazing potential! Cut to length; color of your choice; dimmable (manual after power supply or with automated switch depending on power supply); outdoor capable; RGB options, etc. Now the market is expanding and there is a multitude of mount options including aluminum channels, angle mounts, and all sorts of other options.

I would have no problem bringing in another batch from my Chinese contacts; the problem I ran into was that they started popping up on eBay and Amazon for insanely low prices (like $8 for 16'!!!). Of course that's good for everyone; the potential issue is that they come in much different grades; A-C, where C is a fraction of the cost, but much lower quality components; A is the most expensive; 2 yr warranty (full replacement; no send back), etc - but for most people, you could look at the two strips side by side and never tell the difference. I doubt I could! C is most likely the common import you see online to maximize profits.

I've had a problem with my DMX controller getting stuck with Blue on; but my undercabinet lights are amazing. I have a good friend who has a big under-house area that they've turned into a wine cellar - it's low ceiling, but they make/store wine there... they put in 32' of the double-density LED's in a T-Shape on the overhead struts - it lights it up like daylight up there!. The possibilities are endless. In fact, next year I hope to put in about a 20' x 40' shade structure in our back yard and I hope to do channels of LED instead of the traditional Can's for more even lighting.

I'll reach out and see if pricing is better now that it's gotten so cheap in the US and see what they can do.


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Hi Work2Play, I am interested in 3 rolls of the 3528/300 leds per roll, warm white (3000K) on white background for indoor application.
I have two 6' wide, reach-in closets in a dark corner of my house with sliding doors. I tried to mount lights onto the ceiling, but gives funny shadows and does not help below shelves. I am thinking to mount these strips cut in half, vertically by the inside door frame, practically in the wall corner to provide a more diffuse light. You mentioned 96W per strip, any idea on lumens per watt production?
Even with a modest 35 lumens/watt, this closet may be the most illuminated spot in the house, resulting that my wife will want a lots of new shoes and clothes...
Please let me know how to go about it.
and thanks, Lleo


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If you are busy with other things (Holiday stuff, work etc ) as we all are, and don't feel like handling this now, it understandable. I would also like to order a bunch of rolls myself but wouldn't know where to begin as far as sourcing them. I'm not too comfortable with overseas commerce so I am a bit cautious when seeing some of these online. I would have no problem paying you a fee on top of costs for your time, efforts and knowledge of the components/suppliers.

I have been noticing these style's of LED strips on SO many things, store front displays in clothing stores, ambient/accent lighting in casinos, etc...

It really is amazing how many places there are 3 LED per section, cut to length, LED strips being used.


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If you look at Work2Play's post from October, we really don't need to get them from China anymore. Amazon has them quite cheap. As a matter of fact I have recently ordered several 16' rolls of the following for $12 and they seem nice. I haven't installed them in the kitchen yet so I can't really give a solid recommendation but they do light up, seem bright, and have a nice warm color.

HitLights LED Flexible Lighting Strip Warm White, 5 Meter or 16 Ft, 3528 Type, 300 SMD, 24 Watt

There are many others on Amazon depending on what you want such as side by side leds as well as color changing leds. After much research, I went with the HitLights as they seemed to have better reviews than the other major LED seller on Amazon, which is LEDwholesalers.