Lego Mindstorms back and better!

Here's the official site with some information and press releases:

LEGO Mindstorms

There's also a new blog that's been set up:

NXTBot blog

Also some discussion on lugnet:

Lugnet discussion

There's a picture of the controller and sensors/motors/etc. They look a little too "rounded" to me and not LEGO-like enough, but I'm not going to complain too much. And they've abandoned the traditional wiring (2 conductors) for what looks like phone cords and up to 6 conductors.

The are recruiting product testers if anyone is interested :( . I'd apply, but I'm sure I wouldn't have time to devote to doing a good job of testing.

I will probably be in line in August to get one, though.
I would love to build a house bot which roams the house with a security cam and other type of sensors, based on commands sent by my HA equipment. Guess I better start saving up for this, looks like I have some time.

I would love to build a mini-Terminator which chases after any mice or pets :(
That is pretty cool. We played with something similar when I was in elementary school. I think we built two stop lights that changed like real stop lights. I may have to pick up a few of these 'for my son' :(