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Here have been using HAI Omnitouch Pro Windows software on a couple of Windows Embedded tabletop touchscreens for years now.
I only had two licenses for two touchscreens that I purchased many many years ago.
Over the years embedded VLC, Squeezebox player and other software in Homeseer touch which has worked well say for streaming RTSP video via command line.
In the last couple of months have embedded OmniTouch Pro in to Homeseer touch and it works great.  Newest automation server box is running Homeseer 4 and Home Assistant and they play well together.
I ran in to an issue a few months back where I cannot purchase or find Omnitouch Pro for sale anywhere.
Yesterday called Leviton OmniPro support and they told me that I can use my licenses now on multiple devices which is a good thing.
Customer service support mentioned that the licensing was done similiarly to PCA which is a good thing.
The Customer service support person also stated that Leviton is still supporting the OmniPro line.
So the good news for me here is that I have been tinkering a bit over the years with the Leviton HAI touchscreen designer program initially on my Omnitouch 5.7e's.  These are still functioning today but very slow.  I then created a couple of custom touchscreen set ups for my Windows embedded tabletop touchscreens.  These are way faster than the Omnitouch 5.7e's.
It's been a learning curve using the HAI touchscreen designer program and it works nicely for me.  It is more difficult to use than Homeseer touchscreen designer.
Installed it today on two HP Elitepad G2's which are running Windows 11 today and a couple more of my Windows embedded tabletop tablets.
Runs way faster than the Omnitouch 5.7e screens.
Pete,  good to hear that OTP is still working, and working on Win 11.     Two questions:
1. Does the integration of video cameras work with OTP?   I think I read somewhere that it only works when using the Automation software.   
2. Do you know of any place/anyone who would be interested in selling their license of OTP - 1131.  This question is for anyone reading this forum who has the OTP software and is no longer using it.
Stas T. 
Does the integration of video cameras work with OTP?
Do you know of any place/anyone who would be interested in selling their license of OTP - 1131.
You do not need a purchased license now for OTP per Leviton CS
19th of January, 2022 update
Noticed about a week ago that I no longer could license any new installations of OmniPro Touch software.
Called Leviton support today relating to said issue.  It appears to me that the OmniPro Touch licensing server if off line?
Cocoon nut -- sorry to highjack a lil, but I see you know ALL about this!
I vaguely remember Omnitouch Pro, you could customize the OmniTouch's with it right?
Was thinking of replacing my standard HAI keypad at the front door because the outside wall there gets so cold the keys get very stiff and hard to press.  Tough area there to add insulation!
VERY new to this!  What software and peripherals would I need to support 1 OmniTouch 5.7e for an Omni IIe?  Can I use any good POE switch and plug from the IIe to the switch and all other ethernet to the switch?  I would just need 1 connection to my router and one for the 5.7e
Would just 1 OmniTouch be painfully slow?
Also how would a 5.7 with no E perform connected to   +, -, A, and B?  I don't intend to ever support any cameras.
Would appreciate any insights you would have on this!
you could customize the OmniTouch's with it right?
You can customize the Omnitouch 5.7e and OmniTouchPro software using the Leviton HAI Automation Studio.
Here running Omnitouch Pro software on my WIndows embedded tabletop touchscreens and Homeseer Touch.   It is very fast.
What software and peripherals would I need to support 1 OmniTouch 5.7e for an Omni IIe?
Leviton Automation Studio
Can I use any good POE switch and plug from the IIe to the switch and all other ethernet to the switch?
Yes you can connect the Omnitouch 5.7e to any POE switch.
It works but is slow.  I have added graphics to my Omnitouch 5.7e's
Also how would a 5.7 with no E perform connected to   +, -, A, and B? 
The Omnitouch 5.7 with no E is a serially connected touchscreen.  Simple graphics and works fine.  
Would just 1 OmniTouch be painfully slow?
Is there a difference between the software on the OmniTouch 10pe and the standalone OmniTouch Pro software?
I managed to find a dirt cheap OmniTouch 10pe and have been playing with it. Have found very little info on it from HAI.
I did find out its a rebadged Advantech PWS-770 Semi-Rugged Tablet PC. I'll attach the Advantech User Manual and the Options flyer.
There were more options available than HAI offered. Has anyone found a place to get batteries or have them rebuilt? Since they are Lithium-Ion that will be a challenge. It is running off an 8GB Compact Flash card.... I got a Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard to connect to it which is a big help.
Standard keyboards work plugged into the dock. I'd be interested to hear from anyone thats used one.


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Can someone send a link or know how I can get HAI Automation Studio (1126) software and get HAI Dealer PC Access software (with a version where the date does not give the out of range" error? ty

My whole house has been successfully running/automated since 2010 with OmniPro II and HAI 5.7e touchscreen consoles. The Dealer PC Access I have been using crashes due to the time/date being out of range. Looking to see if there was a version created or revision released which corrected that error before the entire product line was discontinued. In addition I have recently become aware of the wonderful things I can do if I had HAI Automation Studio software. Hoping there is someone who has access to or can create a link which might allow me to download. (kinda like hoping for a miracle).
Perfect. Thank you!!
Any chance you have information on HAI Automation Studio??
As far as I know, Automation Studio has not been released by Leviton as free to distribute. You may want to ask them directly and see if they OK giving it away.... The last released version I am aware of is You can try [email protected] but I wouldn't hold my breath...

We did write to Leviton support about the "free" version of PCA over a month ago. Never got a response.

The only to get it back last year was to update PCA. Updating PCA downloaded and installed new version which was free.

That said no link was ever posted to get this version.

Relating to Automation Studio no body is selling it these days and no links are posted on Leviton relating to Automation Studio.

You need to have a purchased serial number to run it.
@pete_c again, thank you. I installed PCA but did not know original encryption code to allow me to open my existing file. However I created a new file, entered the proper information (IP, Encrpt Key #1 & #2) and read from the controller to populate the new file. This worked like a charm. Therefore I believe I am 100% whole and again able to edit my automation codes, update clock, etc... Maybe one day Automation Studio will become available (fyi-I am willing to purchase if you find out or hear about an opportunity). It's been a pleasure. ty
Great news @streetlightpeople

Check out the Home Assistant OmniLinkBridge application and Homeseer Omni Plugin for managing your OmniPro panel.

Curious when you downloaded configuration from your controller did it also download the installer code?