Leviton’s Out-of-Sight PowerJack



Anyone has used it or has any expereince

Copy of the description-

Leviton’s new Out-of-Sight PowerJack™ is a unique 4-wire telephone jack providing a low-voltage power supply that installs behind cordless wall phones, answering machines and combination units. No more unsightly dangling cords and bulky transformers to interfere with décor. The Out-of-Sight PowerJack installs in a standard wall box and is the same size as standard wall-mounted phone jacks. All unsightly wires tuck neatly behind the phone for a streamlined look. It features user-adjustable voltage settings, accommodating cordless phones (ranging from 7 to 12V DC) and comes with six universal plug adapters. It is perfect in new or newly remodeled construction and can be retrofitted to existing installations. Available only from Leviton, the Out-of-Sight PowerJack sets a new standard for combining technology and residential design.

You would still have to run a wire to the phone jack though. In my situation this would be several feet for most phones through studs. This would be very feasible for a new build though.
Yes, it looks interesting. My future plans involve a digital phone running over Cat5 with PoE (power over ethernet). Similar idea, except a bit more standard from a wiring perspective. A little bleeding-edge from a phone perspective though. :)