Leviton 51120-PTC Whole House Surge Protector and UPB Compatibility


Hi All,
   Newbie here.
   I've been using the Leviton 51120-PTC Whole House Surge Protector along side my OMNI IIe Controller using X-10 to control my lighting. I've started converting to UPB wall switches and tried configuring them from my OMNI Control Pad using the instructions I've found on the forum. I put my Leviton UPB wall switch in setup mode by clicking the switch 5 times. On my OMNI Control Pad, I go to STATUS --> CTRL --> <UPB Wall Switch Unit> --> ##. On the OMNI Control Pad, the configuration gets stuck on "Starting".
   I downloaded the Leviton 51120-PTC spec sheet and found this line:
   "Home Automation Protocol Compatible (X-10, Lonworks) Yes"
    I interpret this as UPB is NOT compatible and the 51120-PTC is filtering out the UPB signalling on the power line.
   Anyone have this configuration working with UPB devices?
   If it is the 51120-PTC, can someone recommend a whole house surge protector that is compatible with the UPB protocol?
Hi, and welcome.
The surge protector will work with UPB fine. Do you have a UPB repeater?  If not I would get one, or at the very least a coupler, but a repeater is better. You can wire a repeater to the same breakers that the surge protector is on.
I found the problem!
The UPB PIM was set to Pulse Mode. When I executed the steps to reset to factory defaults, it was set back to Message Mode. 
I am now able to successfully config my UPB wall switches! :)