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Leviton officially launches the Vizia RF + product line today (+ giveaway!)


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While the product line was announced last month, it looks like Leviton officially launched the Vizia + product line today. For availability and pricing, check out the ControlThink's Z-Wave accessory store..


Leviton has enhanced its line of Vizia lighting controls and made a superior product even better. Leviton’s new Vizia +™ offers a substantial number of benefits for end-users and installers. The redesigned line of Vizia + dimmers, fan speed controls and Z-Wave®-enabled RF lighting controls is so rich in innovative features, it sets a new benchmark for intuitive control of lighting and appliances across a wide range or interior decors.

“Leviton redesigned the award-winning Vizia offering to include more “green” features in response to the needs of the marketplace,” said Selin Glickman, Director of Marketing Management, Residential Products. Vizia + controls incorporate an Energy Save Mode that lets users set the maximum brightness level below 100%. The Almost OFF Setting on Vizia + dimmers and fan speed controls is ideal for areas that must be in operation 24 hours a day. “Users can set the OFF level to a low light level so that lights are ON at reduced energy consumption,” Glickman added.

Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications, the Vizia + collection offers a sleek, new look and increased number of programming options that simplify lighting control: The horizontally oriented DIM/BRIGHT Bar and LED Brightness Display is exceptionally intuitive to use with easy push ON/OFF neutral activation. A row of horizontal LEDs shows brightness intensity levels incrementally from left to right. The enlarged Push Pad makes ON/OFF control easier by extending the push pad area for the best possible tactile response. Installers will appreciate the Compact Back Housing on Vizia + dimmers that eases installation in snug wall boxes.

Vizia RF +™ wireless home automation devices expand the capability of the collection. Homeowners can automate the control of lighting and household appliances and electronics with the touch of a remote. Vizia RF + complies with Z-Wave’s protocol which offers Pro-Level Compatibility for Leviton Pro Level compatible devices that integrate seamlessly with home control systems offered by other leading Z-Wave Alliance partners. Vizia RF + is fully compatible with Vizia + matching and coordinating dimmer/switch remotes as well as with Vizia RF products.

“We’re very excited about Vizia + and the advanced, energy-saving features it brings to homeowners,” added Grant Sullivan, Product Marketing Manager for Home Automation. The Vizia + line represents Leviton’s most sophisticated statement in residential and light commercial lighting control technology. Sleek, streamlined in appearance with a highly pleasing aesthetic design, Vizia + complements a wide range of decorating styles and matches seamlessly with Leviton’s Decora Plus™ screwless wallplates and Decora® wiring devices. Products are available in a variety of popular colors.

Since this hardware has a very promising feature, CocoonTech.com has decided to organize a little promotion and give someone the chance to get their hands on this brand new hardware by giving away a Vizia RF + VRS15-1LX 15A switch, and a Vizia RF + VRI06-1LX 600W dimmer. This is over $150 USD in Vizia RF + hardware!

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