Leviton VIZIA RF now shipping...


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I received notification from Leviton late last week that their VIZIA RF products have started shipping.

There aren't any particular timelines or qty. counts available, but I know that the initial supply is tight and that the individual SKUs are coming in waves over the coming weeks. Additionally, I anticipate that supply should start meeting demand as the year progresses.

I don't know all the distributors/resellers for Leviton, but I do know that ADI is carrying the whole line. Here is the info for ADI (which I have no affiliation with):

For a local contact (possibly from one of their ~100 US-based branches), e-mail [email protected].

For online orders, registered users can go to http://www.adi-dist.com. New customers can register at http://www.adilink.com/services/webRegistration.php.

Also, branch locations can be found at http://www.adilink.com/company/locations.php and the ADI homepage is http://www.adilink.com.

I hope this info helps. It's exciting to see more and more Z-Wave products coming to market from various manufacturers.

I am interested in the pricing of these new switches/devices. Does anybody have access to the ADI site?

- Mike
Is that a Z-Wave Keypad I see in the picture? And a brightness level display on the switch?

Not sure if I like the Push Pad as much as a true rocker though.
mbreeden: As I understand it, these are the first Z-Wave plug-in modules to support true live status. I'm guessing they'll cost more, correspondingly--but I'm not 100% sure.

upstatemike: Yes, the dimmer switches have LED lightbars indicating the brightness. And the keypads you see are zone/scene controllers.


I know this is a Leviton thread but have your heard any update on the Cooper line??

- Mike

Sorry, I don't have pricing or availability info on the Cooper devices--but I know that they're close as well. I anticipate that all three new lines (Cooper, Intermatic, and Leviton) will be very popular.

As far as the Monster products go, yes they are very similar :( But I also think that they are more expensive. I don't expect the Leviton plug-in modules to run $99.95 ea.

ChrisWalker said:
I don't know all the distributors/resellers for Leviton, but I do know that ADI is carrying the whole line.
ADI seems to only have the two plug-in modules available right now.

Hopefully the switches and controllers will show up soon?

mbreeden said:
I was just on Monster website looking at their Z-wave remote and noticed that they had lighting section which had dimmers and plug-in modules that are Z-wave. They look like the Leviton brand plug-ins and dimmers. They also have retail pricing for the modules.

Plug-in $99.95
Dimmer $129.95
Controller $149.95


Monster was discussing private labeled Leviton products at EHX East in their demo of the media distribution and control products.

Leviton, Cooper and Intermatic (Old Home Settings Pro, can't remember what the new name is) were always very upfront that the products would be sold primarily through the professional installer market and that the prices would be in the $90 - $100 range for the dimmer switches.