Leviton Z-Wave Dimmer Issues


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I am having an issue with 2 out of the 30 Leviton Z-Wave dimmers in my home. Unlike the rest of the dimmers instead of gradually getting brighter after the switch is pressed they start out at full brightness, flicker a bit, drop down to 50% of the normally brightness, then go to full brightness again. I thought it might have been the switches so I replaced them with 2 more switches that were working perfectly in another part of the house. The issue remained so I assumed it had something to do with the wiring though I have no clue how that can be the case since there really isn't much you can do wrong with the wiring. I have 2 other switches that are on the same breaker that work fine. I am able to control the device through homeseer, but of course I am unable to dim the switch to anything other then 50% bright. As a side note I would like to mention that I did have the switch working at one point in time. I had to turn off the breaker to push the switch back into the wall and once I turned the power back on I started to have this issue. I also had the same issue with two other switches, but after turning the power on and off they worked properly again. Unfortunately this fix does not work for the switch I described here. Lastly, in the same box, I have 2 Leviton Fan control switches. Randomly they will turn my fans on and off. I would assume this issue is unrelated since the switches are not Z-wave or X10, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Any ideas on why the dimmer is not working properly? Anything I can try aside from cycling the power? I tried to change the minimum brightness level but that didn't seem to help. Thanks!
What is the part number of the dimmer you are using, and what type of load are you controlling?
Leviton Vizia - RF 600W, Model # RZI06-1LX. The switch controls 4x 60 Watt Incandescent Bulbs that are in a ceiling fan lighting kit. The fan itself is wired and controlled seperatly by a Fan Control Switch. Leviton tech support was unable to provide any real support. They said it was probably a wiring issue but they have no idea specifically what it could be.
If you haven't already I would try changing out all 4 light bulbs, it is a long shot, but there doesn't seem to be much other suggestions at this time.

Also could it possibly be overheating?
I have a couple more questions:

What type of Fan control switch do you have? Part#?

Is the Line HOT from the Fan swtich shared with the VZI06? Are they feed from the same curcuit?