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LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2006--Exceptional Innovation, producers of Lifeware home control solutions that seamlessly integrate with Media Center PCs, announces the addition of the LifeStorage digital media server and LifeVision digital television server to their line of home control software and hardware at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

LifeStorage is Exceptional Innovation's digital media storage server with four hot-swappable drives providing 1.5 terabyte RAID 5 storage all in a 4-space rack mounted unit. Running Windows® XP embedded operating system, powered by an Intel® Pentium(tm) D processor and featuring two gigabytes of RAM, LifeStorage is a premium digital media server with ample redundant storage for all of your videos, CD and MP3 music, recorded TV and digital photos. LifeStorage has the capacity, flexibility, and speed to meet the needs of even the most demanding user.

LifeVision is Exceptional Innovation's digital TV server with up to four analog (NTSC) or digital (OTA ATSC) tuners and 1-gigabit network capability in a 4-space rack mounted unit. Based on the Windows® XP embedded operating system and boasting an Intel® Pentium(tm) D processor and two gigabytes of RAM, LifeVision brings new meaning to channel surfing by streaming video from any of its four tuners simultaneously over an IP network, creating the most advanced TV distribution system available.

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"These two new servers provide a robust solution for storing and enjoying digital media and distributing live television throughout the house - key components for a truly digital lifestyle," said Mike Seamons, Exceptional Innovation's Vice President of Marketing. "We continue to define a powerful vision of digital living based on elegant hardware controlled over a home network by brilliant software."

LifeStorage and LifeVision, along with Exceptional Innovation's award-winning LifeTouch high-definition touch panels and LifeController home control servers, will be controlling systems in the NextGen Digital Lifestyles home, built on the convention center grounds at CES.

CES also marks the release of Lifeware 1.1, home control software seamlessly integrated into Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005. Lifeware can be run on a media center PC, digital entertainment center, media center extender or LifeTouch all-digital high definition touch panel. Lifeware uses Web Services for Devices standards to control whole-house lighting, audio, security, surveillance and climate systems from a wide variety of vendors. In the Next Gen home, Lifeware will be controlling systems from Zon audio, DSC Security, and lighting and climate control systems from Vantage Controls.

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About Exceptional Innovation

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Exceptional Innovation produces Lifeware, home control software for lighting, thermostats, security systems, cameras and media management systems. Exceptional Innovation's line of elegant, all-digital, high-definition touch panels and robust system controllers round out a complete Lifeware solution. Led by software industry professionals with extensive experience with distributed computing based on open standards and open architecture, Exceptional Innovation combines Microsoft development expertise with years of home control experience to deliver simple, seamless, life-enhancing solutions for the digital home. Logos and images available at