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ORLANDO, Fla., EHX 2006, Booth #1228, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Exceptional Innovation, makers of Life|ware, hardware-friendly home control software, today announced all INSTEON(tm)-enabled products are now compatible with a Life|ware home control solution. INSTEON is the wireless home control technology developed by SmartLabs Inc., the world's leading authority in home automation and control.

"Making INSTEON products compatible with Life|ware makes perfect sense," said Mike Seamons, Exceptional Innovation's Vice President of Marketing. "They're very popular with our dealers and provide another great option for a Life|ware whole-home control solution.".

Life|ware is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Using the same Media Center remote they use to access and enjoy their music, movies and photographs, a Life|ware user can now easily control their entire INSTEON home control system -- including lighting, security, comfort control, consumer electronics, appliances and safety sensors from all manufacturers integrating the INSTEON technology. Life|ware integration includes all INSTEON products from SmartLabs Design including SwitchLinc, KeypadLinc, SignaLinc, LampLinc ApplianceLinc and ControLinc as well as its ICON line of dimmers and switches.

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"We are continuing to drive INSTEON home automation and control into the digital home," said Rajeev Kapur, president of SmartLabs Inc. "By partnering with Life|ware, we can now offer any company looking for a way to manage home control via the Media Center an elegant solution."

"Life|ware brings a rich control experience together with digital entertainment in a compelling way, and we're pleased to have INSTEON products be part of that experience," said Seamons.

Life|ware leverages Web Services for Devices standards to be
hardware-neutral, an approach that allows dealers to offer their customers more choices among available systems, and gives them the flexibility to create unique new offerings to expand their business.

At EHX-Spring, Life|ware can be experienced controlling lighting, audio, security, camera, and climate control systems from a wide variety of hardware partners in a fully-functioning, live-wired booth that features six full room vignettes with seamlessly integrated digital entertainment and control.

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About Exceptional Innovation

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Exceptional Innovation produces Life|ware, home control software for lighting, thermostats, security systems, cameras and media management systems. Exceptional Innovation's line of elegant,
all-digital, high-definition touch panels and robust system controllers round out a complete Life|ware solution. Led by software industry professionals with extensive experience with distributed computing based on open standards and open architecture, Exceptional Innovation combines Microsoft development expertise with years of home control experience to deliver simple, seamless, life-enhancing solutions for the digital home.


INSTEON delivers a dual-mesh (wireless and powerline) networking technology optimized for home management and control. Simple, affordable and reliable, INSTEON links together core home systems such as lighting, security, comfort control, consumer electronics, appliances and safety sensors for remote monitoring and control. All INSTEON devices are peers, meaning any device can transmit, receive and repeat other messages without requiring a master controller or complex routing software. Adding more devices makes an INSTEON network more powerful by virtue of a simple protocol for communication retransmissions and retries.

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