Lifebreath HRV?

I use whats called "Fan in a Can. It is a fan an duct system which draws fresh air in from outdoors, into my furnace room.

I have it installed already. It came with the house. The builder said it was great for new houses. We have been using it for the bathroom/kitchen fans. It works great. I was reading more about it and I would like to schedule the unit to recycle the air every X amount of hours.


I wrote to the company. Here is their reply:

Yes, a software or hardware supplier would be able to help you further
for computer switching controls. All our unit needs is a set of
unpowered contacts to complete or to break the circuit for the HRV's
demand control (between R & :) or the "powered off" circuit (between R

Have a Good Day!
Nutech Brands Inc.,
Technical Advisor,
Dave R.

What would I need to accomplish this?

- Mike
An automated relay is what would be needed.
This can be on your security panel (like an Elk or Napco or Caddx), An X10 or serial Rain8 device, an Ocelot, or many other means to make / break a contact via automation software.

Thanks for the information. I have a HAI OPII that has 8 outputs as well as zones inputs. I assume I would use the zone inputs since my outputs at 12vdc. Would I need two zones? I am pretty clueless if you have not noticed.