Light control->Cat5->daisy chain


Hi Everyone ..

I'm totaly new with home automation....
I went thru forum looking for some clue how to setup medium home automation system for light control, cams and HVAC.
I would like control those devices thru Windows Media Center.

digging up i've found some info how to wired for light control.
So I've decided to install daisy chain Cat5 in all of my switches + neutral wire.

my question is:
which light control system i should use with this daisy chain Cat5 ??

I would like also install wall control panenl in main bedroom and livingroom to control only lights and HVAC.

Do i need put some extra cat5+power to place where panel will be installed.
I'll planing to put evertyhing in wired closet in basement.

sorry for my BAD english ..

my question is: which light control system i should use with this daisy chain Cat5 ??
I believe we spoke in the chat room. IIRC, I mentioned that the EDT ILine was the main vendor for daisy chained cat5 lighting.

I would like also install wall control panenl in main bedroom and livingroom to control only lights and HVAC.
I imagine you mean a touchscreen? That would depned on what system you use for control. Most like you would be covered with a Cat5 and 18/2. If your device supported POE (Power Over Ethernet) you wouldn't need the 18/2, but better safe than sorry. If you get a pc type TS, you will obviously need 120V nearby.
Is Daisy chaining really the best option? I thought there were good solutions out there that don't require the power to be home run, just the cat5. Wouldn't that be easier and more future proof?
There is the ALC/OnQ that used home run Cat5 but in several recent posts they said the system was 'no longer being improved'.
Steve ....yes we spoke in the chat room

I've already checked EDT website and there is no info about price, only phone number to contact EDT sales ....

is there other light control system i can use thru cat5 ?

or maybe
which system i can connect to ELK-M1G (as long as ELK is most popular system)
to control lights.

I need someone to lead me by hand.
my problem is that there is so many solutions and i'm spining around by picking every day different system....
I cannot afford to buy fancy automation system, but also i'm looking for something easy to control and setup.
Elk as i've heard in the chat room is most affordable and flexible system.
....but what kind of wiring i should use to allow ELK control my devices (lights, HVAC, cams).

sorry for all confusion ....

;) ;)

i'm going thru ...
I recently had the opportunity to stop by a local supplier that has an OnQ ALC system in their warehouse/training center. It is a good system from what I could see. No delay in executing commands like power line systems have. It is also a pretty simple system. One main control panel and you are up and running. They do make an enhanced branch hub module - basically allows up to 8 switches to be hooked into a branch hub and then a single cat5 run back to the main control panel. Otherwise you need to run a Cat5 from each switch back to the main control panel if you don't use a branch hub (in a remodel situation, using the branch hubs may make wiring more simple than some other hardwired systems). The inhanced branch hub also also has some DIP switches on the module that allows for quick and easy diagnosis of switch problems. They suggested that you always use the enhanced branch hubs for that reason alone.

OnQ is still supporting and manufacturing the switches and components. They do not make any plug modules, but you can simply use a ALC switch to control the plug instead of needing an actual plug module. It might take a little more power wiring to do that, but it is probably a better solution anways since you can control multiple plugs that way via one switch (of course they will all act as a single device).

Although lighting is pretty low on my priority list, I am definitely going with the OnQ ALC system when I get to that point. 1) it is hardwired, so none of the delay problems or reliability issues that power line systems can have 2) It is inexpensive - list price for the main controller is $339, the enhanced branch hub module lists for $173, and the M1 interface module lists for $272. Switches vary in price depending on amps, etc, but list prices ave about $160-$180 each. A 4 scene switch lists for about $200. Keep in mind these are LIST prices. My supplier sells them for about 1/2 list price. Certainly one of the least expensive hardwired solutions out there. 3) My supplier is using the system themselves and really like it and will continue to support it. I know it can be hard to find ALC suppliers, but I am lucky enough to have one that is local and inexpensive (if you are interested in who they are, drop me a line, they do internet sales as well).
I've found info at CQC website

CQC Supports Elk M1

Sept 5, 2005 - Today CQC announced support for the popular Elk M1 and M1 Gold automation panels. The Elk M1 provides a cost effective and flexible core automation solution for security, HVAC, smoke detection, void announcements, LCD keypads, digital and analog I/O, etc... CQC can fully integrate the Elk into a larger automation and media management solution. CQC supports both serial and Ethernet based connections to the M1, providing maximum flexibility for component placement.


For more information on how you can integrate CQC into your Elk based automation system, e-mail us ..

where i can find more info ...??