Light Level Sensor

Hi Guys

>As EL34 stated you can use the Solar Radiation Sensor to sense light levels.

Bugger !!!! ..compeletly missed that....wished i had of realised that before placing my order...

Will wait until i get my moisture sensors and have a play and then order some light sensors soon after that.....

Eric i have 2 simat 1 wire hubs which i will at least connect 1 to my OPN-ONE ...Is is better to keep all the temp sensors ,moisture sensors connected to the hub and have things such as iBUTTONS ,Lcds on the main trunk due to the polling of the hub branches ???


It completely depends on how smart the polling code is. If it understands hubs well then it will poll all the devices on one branch of the hub to minimize the switching of the hub which takes a bit of time.