Lighting Control


I have decided on CentralLite Lite Jet to control my lighting in my new construction house. In order to save a few bucks, I decided to control outdoor lights, the first floor living area and the 2nd floor hall of my 2400 sf home. To control the 2nd floor bedrooms and bathrooms it would cost an additional $4G's that I don't have. Does anyone think this is a bad idea? Any feedback would be appreciated.
24 lighting loads does not sound like enough for 2400 sq. ft. Is that why you are skipping an entire section of your house? How much is it costing you for the LiteJet system? What Home Automation software and security systems have you seen that will support this system?

Just briefly reviewing the above link, these are the first questions that come to mine. To compare cost, 24 Inseon Switchlincs would cost under $1k. If you did a mix of Switchlincs, Icons and Keypadlincs, you should still be able to keep it under $1k for 24 loads.
The LiteJet can handle 24 loads and it can be combined with another LiteJet in order to control another 24. If I want to control the whole house, I would need 44 loads. It costs about $4,000 for each 24 load install (time and material) It will be linked to my HAI Omni IIe home controller. At first I wanted to do the whole house, then I wondered if it's practical to have the bedrooms and the bathrooms controlled. I never had lighting controls and I don't know what should be included. My other option is to UPB the whole house for half the LiteJet price. I am worried about the buzzing noise of which some people complain.