Lighting Design


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If you are anything like me you probably don't have an "Eye for Design". I have been living in my house for over a year now and have yet to decorate my living/dining room. After looking at thousands of magazine photos and navigating though thousands of google images I finally figured out what makes a room eligant and inviting. The mood of a room is mainly dependent apon its lighting. Its actually pretty amazing how a room can totally transform its look just by turning on a few switches. is a great source of information to get you started thinking about the lighting design of your room. It provides good guide lines and general "rules of thumb" to assist you in setting the mood in your room. I recomend that you read every page of this site even if you are not planing on changing the lighting in your room.

I will be using this thread to post links to other information I find related to lighting disign.

Philips has provided a Movie along with an interative website to demonstrate what a little bit of light can do to your room. I find it pretty amazing how turning on a simple light can change the entire mood of a room and at the same time highlight some of the features of the room.

Give their interactive site a try and you will see what i mean.