Lightning Detector / DS 2423 Counter


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My Hobby Lightning Detector is not Counting Lightning or Sparks
From a Lighter.


I used a Ohm/Volt Meter to Test it Out.

1. Tested 9 volt battery volts .... 9.3 volts (New Battery)
2. Checked 1-wire buss volts .... 5.1 volts
3. Using power injector, no change, no counts.
4. 21 ma from the 430 ohm risistor to earth ground.... led current in the 4N37 optocoupler. No counts in the DS2423. It Should have made a count.
5. Short pins 4 & 5 on the 4N37 optocoupler it then made counts in the DS2423.
6. We had a thunder storm and rain here in New Mexico last night, and no counts....
added a 10 foor wire to antenna and earth ground, no counts.

Could the 4N37 optocoupler be bad ?
It seems like there is the trouble..... 4N37 optocoupler ?
Using a maginfing glass and a flash light I looked at the board for poor soder connections and solder bits and found none.

I got this Lightning Detector assembled.

Thank You. B)


It is possible that the 4N37 is bad but not that likely.

Did you have the earth ground attached before the thumderstorm?
What are you attaching the earth ground to?