Lightning Detector Ghost Strikes


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Hello, I am recieving a large number of ghost strikes(we have no lightning in the area and probably won't for a few months yet.....but I am showing a large number of strikes 50+ in a few hour period, I shortened the antenna to about 18" and moved it as far away from electrical sources that I can. I mounted it on top of a steel pole at about 16' from the ground, it has a good earth ground. I need to desensitize the reciever a little more. am going to try and shorten the antenna to 12" any suggestions?
It sounds like you have done all the things that normally reduce the false strikes. There must been some really electrically noisy device somewhere nearby. Not sure what else to tell you to try.

If it is close by, take an old AM portable radio and try to locate the source, then call the power company.
I have found that our florescent lights really light er up......I have done a little sniffing with the "white noise" using an AM radio and headphones ( a Ham radio trick) I have an idea or two left to narrow what the detector will pick up .....
I have some florescent lights that put all sorts of noise on the power lines and cause one of my Insteon switches to stop working, so I could see where they could be a big culprit.