Lightolier Firewalls


Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me how effective the Compose firewalls are? I have a bunch of X10 stuff in the house that actually is quite nice, but I would like to upgrade its reliability. Plus I seem to get stray signals at times, perhaps from my neighbors. I am not interested in UPB at this time as I have experimented with it in my house and its performance was absolutely dismal in my environment.

Thanks, Chris
The Compose firewall was designed to make the compose versions of X10 bulletproof. From all accounts they have done a good job of it. The only reason it has not exploded in the market is the price of the firewall.
We I've seen them installed they work great. I was just about to outfit my house with Lightolier before Zwave rolled out. They make great products all around.

Have to agree with Spanky on Why they are not that popular with the do-it-yourself crowd.
Two additional comments. As noted, the firewalls are excellent, if a bit high priced,
1) What's inside the firewall stays inside the firewall, and visa versa. If for instance, you buy an 8 circuit firewall, anything outside of those 8 circuits will be out of the loop.
2) The firewalls are NOT Leviton friendly. If you are using Leviton Extended code, you cannot use a firewall.
Yep, firewalls will make it pretty much bulletproof. I have had customers use them with non-Lightolier switches with a lot of sucess.