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I'm interested in everyone's thoughts about Lightolier lighting products. It looks like I'll probably enter into a distribution agreement with them but I'm still seeking feedback about them.

I like their products, but they are a little on the expensive side. I definitely do want to hear what you are going to carry, and what kind of pricing.
It would be the Compose stuff and probably the firewall stuff. I would think that I'll at least be able to beat Worthington's prices on them. I'll know more the first part of next week. I do think that they will give me some pretty good pricing. I'll also have an advantage that they are local so I could get anything the have, even if I don't stock it, right away.
That's cool, it's nice to see you directly getting involved with the home automation community, it's a win win situation for all of us. Hope you stick around for a long time ;)
It's just another brand of home automation controls. There are several choices out there. One just needs to find the product that fits both their needs, and budget.
Yes, I was really impressed with their demo. Even if you don't go to the extent of using their firewall (which looks really nice!), if you use their standard compose switches, you do get some additional functionality over other good 2-way switches - easier programming, nightlight dimming options (4 levels), viewing of preset dimming, etc. I haven't done all of the numbers yet, but it looks like they would be about 20-30% more per switch. They also do make a 3 speed switch for ceiling fans.
Martin, you should write us a newbie's guide or something after you go to the training.

I'm curoius about the compose stuff. It has PLC in its name, but the firewall aparatus makes me think it uses low voltage lines for comms....

I geuss the bottom line is, Will it work with HomeSeer and what are the advantages of it over X10 and/or ZWave?
I'll do that. Yes, it works with HomeSeer. There's a plug-in for it. I think HS charges about $50 for it but I can get it for a little less.

The switches are dual mode. They can work on either standard x10 signals or the compose protocol. The firewall can also be a useful thing to have even if you aren't using the compose switches. It eliminates noise, eliminates the need for couplers, manages x10 collisions and re-broadcasts the signals if they occur, and boosts the x10 signals up to 7 volts.

I'll know more next week. I'll be in training all day Friday and Saturday.
Wow, that sounds pretty cool, particularly the firewall.

Too bad I really wont be in the market for anything like that for another 9 years or so (That's about when I envision I'll be within 4 years of retirement [from the military, not full-blown retirement], at my final duty station, and finally able to build my dreamhome instead of moving every couple of years like I do now!!)