Line-dimmable LED reading lamp?


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Has anyone run across an LED reading lamp that can be dimmed by an in-line Lutron dimmer?  Like the 3PD.
I've got one of these clipped onto the rails of my child's bunk bed:
Works great, in that it generates a decent amount of light with absolutely no radiated heat.  I had an episode as a child where I fell asleep trying to read while using one of those single-bulb Xmas candle lamps.  Man, did mattresses made in the 60's catch fire quickly when they hit the night air!  Anyway, I'm interested in encouraging reading but would prefer to avoid repeating my Dad's experience with combustible materials.  Using a 3PD helps me manage the use of the light.  It's got a timed event set every night, that and it's on keypads, making for easy control from elsewhere in house.  I may couple it to a motion sensor and use a much longer delay for shut-off for the 'unoccupied' setting.  But motion sensing for sedentary activities is never easy and often more annoying that it's worth.  Anyway, that's a different topic.
The downside to that lamp is the dimmer is on the DC side of things, not the transformer feeding it.  I tried, and it does not respond to dimming with the 3PD.
So I'm looking to find some kind of similar no/low-heat lighting for this purpose.  One that clamps and has a gooseneck would be ideal, but at some point I'd be willing to punt and go with something that hung on the wall.
Anyone run across a lighting need like this?
Not related to using a Lutron dimmer on an LED lamp.....
In the 1960's wife's home burned down because of a Christmas tree.  Her father did get some major burns trying to move Christmas tree in to the street trying to save the home after the family was outside.  That said they lived with a relative as the old house got torn down and a new home was built.  She tells me of a friend of her father's using his cab to deliver the children (3) to and from school every day during the school year until the home was completed.
Here made a tent using my slippers on the headboard and used a flashlight to read (50-60's).
Later in the 60's had a small tablet lamp and movable desk lamp on my nightstand.  I used both of them. 
Later I would read to my children and only recall having a low wattage clear bulb on their nightstand lamps and no reading lamps. 
A few years back here did install on the wall here bedside lamps (hotel style) that pivot in.  They have worked fine.  Colonial style. They have two brightless levels via their switches.
Last year around this time I started to look for that dimmable LED candlabra lamp for the Christmas candle lighting thing (which I have been doing now for quit a long time).
I ordered a few of them by visuals only seen on Ebay.  None of them dimmed.  Last endeavor was to look for an Edison style (with LED filament lamp). 
Oh, I hear ya.  Here I was a kid just trying to READ.  But no, my folks were adamant about "bedtime".  The old man made me sleep on the box spring alone, for a month, until they bought a new mattress.  It was a clear low wattage bulb, couldn't have been more than 4w.  But it was enough to cause the bedding to smolder, but not catch fire directly.  It wasn't until my Dad and a neighbor dragged it downstairs and hurled it out the kitchen door that it just BURST into flames. How I survived all my childhood adventures, let alone the corporal punishment, is a mystery.
So, fast-forward a few decades and I'm trying to accommodate my young reader's interest, without the risk of conflagration.  
Meanwhile, ALL of the holiday window lights are battery-operated with LEDs.  No chance I'm risking a repeat.  That and all other lighting is also LED.  I'm not thrilled with their color temps and there's a slight 60hz flicker that only I see to notice.  But those are issues I'll trade to avoid a house fire, any day.
I'm sure it's an oddball request, a portable lamp that'd use an in-line dimmer.  I'd entertain the notion of using an LED replacement bulb for an incandescent fixture.  I've got some that resemble 'corn cobs' in my desk reading lamps.  Those work nicely, saving me from all-too-frequent replacements of those damned fragile 25w tubes.  But even though they're LED they still generate quite a lot of heat.  Thus my pleasant surprise running across that clip-on one linked above.  I'm sure the metal housing for the elements helps dissipate whatever heat might be generated, but I can't feel any heat from it.  Certainly not enough to risk fire.
Meanwhile I've got the 3PD configured as a switch-only, with no dimming.  That works.  I also got a pair of 3BRL Picos and put them in a 2-gang Claro wall plate.  I've got it stuck to the wall next to his bed using 3M picture hanging strips (kinda like velcro).  Works great and actually looks like a built-in wall box.
One of the Picos controls his ceiling fan/light.  The other uses the top for the recessed cans, the middle for the reading lamp and the bottom as an 'All Off' for the various other lighting in the room (and the adjacent bath).  Spoiled little guy... but at this least helps him get a handle on the usual childhood fears of the dark.  That and I don't have to clamber over the typical debris-field of toys to shut off the reading light.  Legos in the dark are nearly as lethal as mines.
Anyway, if anyone runs across such a thing I'd love to hear.  
For the master bedroom we went with these:
I have them controlled by a dimmer (one left, one right), but it's for the whole fixture.  The lamp itself has a knob to control switching between shade, spot or both.  The spot came with the typical MR16 (blazingly hot) bulb.  At some point I do plan to replace it with an LED, but meanwhile their design using that little knob does an excellent job of avoiding the heat.
Hmmm, I tried including an IMG tag and it said I wasn't allowed? This one:
I have never tried to use the img tag.  Sometimes here upload an image and/or link to an image stored here or there.  I like that I can put the image anywhere in my post.
I like the master bedroom lamps you picked.
Here thinking I spent much time penciling in the lamp brackets symmetry to the bed.  
Here it is just an over sized sleigh bed which I we to climb up to.  Lately head hits pillow and sleep is instant.  (age thing?)
Relating to the automation all of the electic including 1/2 of the outlets run to the wall switch box by the door.  The guru electician put 3 ways (which I automated later) in the hallway to the master bath with control the master bedroom and the master bathroom.  Don't use it much today anyways as I concurrently installed EL lighting which glows just fine enough at night. 
Initially was going to put in wall switch boxes (like in hotels) next to the night stands.  Decided against that.
I got those lamps because they're good for both reading and ambient room illumination. That and they didn't require picking out new nightstands. I have a two-gang on each side, each one controls the nearest lamp. Sort of overkill, but when you're spending on Lutron gear, in for a penny...
Here the furniture is his and hers in a way even though it is all the same; with that wife has her lamp on her dresser and over her nightstand (with all her stuff - used to be both of ours) and I have my lamp on my dresser and nightstand. 
The night stands are identical and way to heavy for me to move these days.    I did have custom glass tops made for all of the furniture (I do not recall why anymore). 
The lighting scheduled stuff just turns on the two dresser lamps to 30 %.  It used to be all four went to 30 %.    Either pair would illuminate just fine.
I use a micro managed switch (HP Intellijack) in the old phone box for two POE tabletop touchscreens which basically are mostly running a big clock and just turn off at night unless you touch them.
Glass tops are nice for keeping water damage from being an issue. Me, I try to aim for materials that aren't going to be too problematic. But I'd certainly consider glass tops if something eexpensive had a difficult to maintain surface.

Hands-down the single most winning item in automation has been tying the master bedroom black-out automated blinds to a wake-up schedule. Automatic closure at night (raised to privacy height an hour before sunset. I don't have any interior lighting on a timed schedule. The outside lighting, yes, there's downlighting that accents the house on a schedule. Now that we're heading into winter months and shorter daylight hours, I may raise certain lights. With Summer daylight it just wasn't really necessary and seemed wasteful.
We just got a new sectional and lighting is being pondered.  I've already ordered two sets of dual Pico remotes and pedestals.  One for the tables, the other for reading and adjacent lighting.  Right now they're 3BRLs as that's sort of the most versatile.  It's disappointing that the 4-button units cannot be used as scene toggles, just triggers.  Otherwise I'd use those to toggle sets of lights.  Ah well, so close, yet not... the story of home automation...