Linksys PAP2 w/ ELK M1G


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Hopefully some one has does this before.

I have a ELK M1G and I am using a Linksys PAP2 to connect to my alarm monitoring company. Currently the PAP 2 is in the same cabinet as the ELK M1G. The PAP2 uses a wall wart converting 120V AC to 5V 2A DC. I am concerned that the PAP2 gets it's power from the house and can be disabled if the power were to be cut off. I am thinking the best solution would be to pull power from the ELK M1G but I am having trouble finding a DC to DC power adapter that will convert 12V 1.25A (from ELK M1G SAUX) to 5V 2A. Another idea was to try to buy a second small alarm battery to add to the cabinet but extra space inside the small cabinet is hard to come by.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have thought about using a UPS. The electrical outlet is inside the alarm cabinet and the cabinet is not big enough to house a UPS. The alarm cabinet is mounted in a wall 10 feet off the ground. Connecting to a UPS would require me to open the wall and drill through a few studs to fish the power wire from the UPS to the PAP2. Even if I moved the PAP2 closer to the UPS, I would still need to fish the phone line to the PAP2.

How about using short extension cords to reach the UPS and then back to the PAP?

I certainly think the easiest and most cost effective thing would be to us a UPS.