Linux based cat feeder

Linux based cat feeder? What for? All my neighbors send their cats over to my bird feeder. :D What do I need Linux for?
lol, time to buy one of those motion based sprinklers / pet repellants sells :D Cats HATE water.
Cats HATE water.
Actually, they don't hate water if they are introduced to it while they are young. My parents had a siamese when I was a baby, and somehow (I wasn't very observant as I was a little young at the time :p ) taught it to swim. Whenever they were in the lake, it would (cat)paddle around the dock with them. They have picture of me and the cat taking a bath in one of those old metal washtubs. The cat is right in there with me, playing with the rubber duck. :D I had a look on my face along the lines of "Who the heck invited him?"

And yes, it does (did) look like a drowned rat.
You are one of the few lucky (?) ones, my previous cat was born in my house, but water was always a big no no (a watergun made a great 'teaching' tool lol). The thought of a swimming cat is pretty funny, I have heard of it before, but never seen it.
Our cat - being a Bengal - is a natural born water lover. He's suprised me several times in the shower, and sometimes we'll fill the tub up with several inches of water just so he can play in it.

We've tried to use the water guns and spray bottles to discipline him when he's going somewhere he shouldn't, but he just looks at us funny while the water's hitting him and goes bout his business.