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'Lo Y'all


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Not much to say, 35+ years working with computers & electronics.
I'm four years into HA.
It started when I decided that I needed to reclaim coffie table, it looked like a remote control parking lot.
Then it was X10 for the lights, an Ocelot to handle my TOADS. Then I added a SECU16 to control my mini-blinds, then a SECU16IR for multi-zone IR crontrol, and it's still growing.

Currently, I live in a two bedroom apartment in Historic Dundalk, ( ;) ), Maryland.

BTW, Should have said this first off, FANTASTIC 'SITE! :p


AV server ( P III 732 Mhz)
Ocelot, SECU16, SECU16IR
Houselinc Digial Break-out-boxes (for TOAD monitoring)
Various Xantech modules
TERK LEAPFROG (old style not 2.4G)

JVC Receiver
2- S-VHS
300 disc DVD player
100 disc CD player
50" RPTV
IR controlled AV switch (4-2)
Auto detect AV switch (4-1)
2Ghz Broadband amp (1-1-6)
2- S-video distribution amps (1-6)

Cable modem
D-link WIFI & Router

Fujitsu point 1600 WIFI TouchScreen


Various X10 modules, transceivers, & wireless switch pads

Comcast digtial cable & internet


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PaulH im from essex... Recently moved to Harford County. Welcome to the boards. Hope to see you arround and maybe bull shit over a drink one night.

BTW Where did you work with computers and electronics. I currently work at APG)Aberdeen Proving Grounds) as and electronics tech.

Guy Lavoie

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WayneW said:
What is a TOAD and how do you monitor it?
TOAD is an acronym for "Toggle Only Activated Device". This is a device like many TV's that only have 1 IR code for turning them on and off. This makes them harder to automate because your controller cannot assume that they are presently on or off. Monitoring involves using a device that detects whether the appliance is on or off in varying ways like detecting current draw, detecting audio signal, pilot LED, etc and feeding a signal back to the controller so that it only conditionally issues an IR command if needed.


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ahh "closing the loop" in engineering speak... I know the concept, just never heard the acronym, thanks


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Squintz said:
BTW Where did you work with computers and electronics.  I currently work at APG)Aberdeen Proving Grounds) as and electronics tech.

Let's see, where do I start?