Loading discrete IR codes into Ocelot?


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Jon Armstrong (we miss you Jon) created a file for me probably 3 or 4 years ago to load into my Ocelot that included discrete IR codes for all of my devices. I haven't logged into the Ocelot since using C-Max. I want to finally take the time to learn (I think) how to create these lir files but I have no idea where to start. Can someone offer me some help or suggestions on were to start? TIA

I'm sure Guy will see this and respond.

And yes, Jon, RIP.

Edit: For the benefit of anyone that doesn't remember Jon, he was the ultimate infared transmission guru. Any frequency, any protocol, any equipment, I don't think I ever remember any IR question or problem that Jon couldn't answer and solve. He left us rather quickly and unexpectedly.

I can give you a rough overview, from what little I have done.

Remote Central has most of the IR codes in CCF format.

So I use prontoedit4 to view the CCF and retrieve the hex codes that are needed for the ocelot. I downloaded it from remotecentral.com

You will also need the ADI utiltiy IRMAX, IRMAX in my 2 cent opinion is a very tedious program to work with and frustrating. But it gets the job done.

In IRMAX on the top right ( Edit File ) right click and open your LIR.

In the top right box select the IR position number you would like the new command to be in.

Open a CCF file in prontoedit, find the command you would like and copy the hex commands and past it into the bottom of IRMax.

Click Convert, It will be converted to LIR data in the middle screen.

Then in the top right box select the IR# you would like to store the command, right click and select past from LIR data area.

I don't remember the exact steps for the whole process, since I have not changed my LIR file in a while.

I keep lots of backups when working on my LIR file. Since several times I have made many booboo's in IR Max.


And bless Jon, he is missed. His patience is the only reason I never gave up on CMAX and IR.

Thanks StevenE. I found (I think) my discrete codes on remotecentral.com for my Panasonic Plasma in the pronto section so I assume these can be pasted directly into the Pronto data area and converted to lir. Right? Also can you name the codes anything you want in the top of the form?
Yes, you can name the codes. It helps you to remember what each one is. This name ends up as an ASCII string in the code itself, from character offset 200 onwards.

the steps deranged spelled out are pretty well what you need to do. Just make sure that you begin by downloading all your IR codes from the Ocelot to a LIR file first and import your new codes into that file, to avoid losing what you already have (creating a new LIR file will overwrite what you have in your Ocelot).

I think we all have a very good memory of Jon Armstrong. He was very knowledgable of IR protocols and always willing to help.