Loging into Vonage via HomeSeer


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Can anyone help me figure out a way to log into my vonage account via homeseer. I would like to write a script that scrapes the vonage site for voice mails and caller id info.
Im pretty sure that there are some scripts floating around that you can use to get the login process going. After that, I'd think parsing the data would be pretty staight forward (lots of examples out there).

If you come across a script for "logging in", please post a snippet of it here. This is where I left off (remember the pizza ordering idea ;) ) Never really worked on it, therefore, I never really got anywhere with it...
Go to the Vonage screen and look at the source.

It looks like the username and password are sent as parameters on the URL. Something like:
There may be additional stuff required - I didn't look too closely.
Decipher this for me if you guys can...

Smee that doesnt work for some reason and Im thinking because it uses some sort of sessions id which is unique and also has to be passed each time. Im not sure about that tho.

<form name="logonForm" method="POST" action="/vonage-web/public/login.htm" id="logonForm" target="_top">
  <TABLE WIDTH="260" VALIGN="TOP" border="0">
    <td colspan=2 >
    <TD ALIGN="left">Username:</TD>
    <TD><input autocomplete="off" type="text" name="username" size="20" value=""></TD>
    <TD ALIGN="left">Password:</TD>
    <TD WIDTH="315"><input type="password" name="password" size="20" value="">
                      <input type="hidden" name="redirectingURL" size="20" value="">
                <TD></TD><TD ALIGN="left">Go To (Optional)</TD>
                <TD><select onChange="setRedirectingURL(this);" name="goToSelection">
                <option name="default" value="">Change Start Page</option>
                <option  name="billing" value="billing">Billing</option>
                <option  name="activity" value="activity">Activity</option>
                <option  name="features" value="features">Features</option>
                <option  name="voicemail" value="voicemail">Voicemail</option>
                <option  name="callforwarding" value="callforwarding">Call Forwarding</option>
                    <option  name="orders" value="orders">Orders</option>
                <option  name="accountprofile" value="accountprofile">Account/Profile</option>
    <TD ALIGN="right">&nbsp;</TD>
    <TD nowrap>
                    <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit" name="loginsubmit" >
    Having trouble logging in?<br>
                <img src="/static/vonage-web/images_new/bullet.gif" width="14" height="11" border="0" ><A HREF="javascript:openWin('https://www.vonage.com/help/index.php?topic=login&direct=y', 'loginWin', 'scrollbars,toolbar,menus,resizable')">Login FAQs</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="/static/vonage-web/images_new/bullet.gif" width="14" height="11" border="0" ><a href="/vonage-web/public/resetPassword.htm">Forgot Your Password?</a>
    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
      // -->
username and password in the URL would be a really bad setup, I would find it hard to believe if they did that. The form Squintz posted shows it uses a POST method (GET method is what uses the url to pass on info), so you would have to make sure that hs.geturl supports SSL, and that it supports POST if Vonage does indeed not allow you to pass the user & pass through the URL.
I was looking at the same thing earlier (that's where my comments came from). It looks like a standard <FORM> with a submit button - I think that should just create a URL (unless there's something else in there). There's at least one hidden field that might also be needed. If you rig the rest of a page around that code, you can display what it's actually sending from the HS web page - a little ASP code will let you display the URL.

By the way, there is at least one error in their HTML - there is no </TD> corresponding to the <TD> for the password field.

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I agree with electron in that I hope this doesn't work with geturl but it's the only thing I know to try from HS.

If all you wanted to do is dial, there is a URL that you can use to get Vonage to dial both you and the other party. But, it does use a URL with the username and password in it.

Personally, I think I'll stick with my NetCallerID-based solution for CID. I don't have to worry about the NetCallerIDs changing the format of their "pages."