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Since we are in need of a new logo and we do better with hardware design than graphic design we decided to have a logo contest in hopes that someone out there (in return for a wonderful Hobby Boards device) could create a nice logo for us.

You can find all the information about the contest here

This contest will run until we get a logo we like or we get bored so submit early and often ;)

Well, to be honest I am not sure that it's a logo you need. I think you should rework you homepage so that it looks more like a store instead of a place for information. You have some really good products and someone looking for those product may quickly hit their back button if your site does'nt look like a place they can purchase the product.

I do know how hard it is to come up with logo ideas and I am not an artist but I will keep thinking of ideas for you.
imo, the site looks fine. Once you follow the store link, it looks like a store. The design is easy on the eyes, and very 'peaceful'. If I only had more time ... :D
I agree the the color scheme is fine but the organization is a little off IMO. I have to scroll down just to get to the link to the store. Perhaps putting links at the top next to the Home link would make it a little better. Attached is an image of what I am seeing.


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You may also want to check out this site I just found while looking for ideas for your contest. They are professional logo designers and the cheapest I have seen. $499 is their most expensive package and it includes inlimited revisions.

I have an idea for you but its only on paper right now. I am not sure if I will be able to make it look good in digital format so I will try my best and you can hire a pro to make it pretty if you like the concept.

I may see what this site has to offer: