Long time reader, new poster


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First of all, thanks to all the long time posters. Plenty of times my project questions have been answered through posts already on Coocontech.

I am a long time X-10 user / geek, and have recently switched everything over to INSTEON. I absolutely love the stuff. Great functionality, great price, especially compared with what I have lived through with X-10 stuff.

I too, like many of the posters am anxious for new products but I am not in a panic over it. Plenty of new technologies have gone through this same curve. In fact, I am just now starting up a whole house media server and control project. Here is an area littered with confusion, buggy software, unfullfilled promises, and delayed product introductions... ugh.

As for my home control system, I have a dedicated PC running Smarthome's HouseLinc software, and about 82 INSTEON nodes. The stuff has been rock solid, allowing me more time to switch my focus to the media stuff. I have not read through all the home theater forum, but I am sure it contains a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to digging in.
Welcome aboard ;) Since you are familiar with the site already, there is no need to explain anything, but glad to see you finally signed up!