Longtime Lurker...First time Poster


Greetings all from North Carolina!!

I've been lurking in the shadows around here for quite some time. Soaking up all the information I can on HA.

My wife and I are in the initial planning stages of building our dream house, thus this has been a great time to learn more about HA and how I am going to wire the fortress as we build! Since I said the dirty 'W" word (Wife) I need to make this automation as wife friendly as possible! I'm a huge planner and I want to do this right the first time (or atleast get it wired right!!)

I have a lot of questions...not a lot of answers. I'm an electrical engineer or at least that is what my degree says. I'm a closet programmer and really can't wait to get to writing some cool scripts and sharing it with all of you!

As always, I'll be looking for some expert advice into what systems to get and how to wire the place! I've already looked at the FAQ's and they are fantastic!! Thanks so much guys (& gals!)

Hey Dave,

Welcome to CT! Don't forget to check out the document linked in my signature, it will help you out a lot. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, as other people will learn from them as well.

Welcome from Cary, NC.

I've picked up a lot of information off of this board and the homeseer.com forums. I use a mix of Homeseer, Elk, UPB, Insteon, and some old x10 stuff.

My house wasn't built with HA in mind and I've had to pull a lot of wire through attics and crawlspaces over the years.
Since you haven't built yet, I have one suggestion: PULL LOTS OF WIRE. I use CAT5 for LAN, security, intercom, serial devices, etc. Start stocking up on wire now before prices rise again.

Good luck,

Thanks all for the welcoming...

Hillsborough, NC...just west of Durham.

Looking forward to a great time around here!

I didn't know Elk was an NC company...that may sway me in their direction!

If you like to closet code, then your should consider HomeSeer as your backbone to your HA system. It has vb scripting, vb.net and C#.net SDK interfaces that will allow you to create anything your mind can come up with. The bulletin board is very active with help if you get stuck as well. The forum is located at http://board.homeseer.com and the main site is: http://www.homeseer.com

Again welcome and have a good time studying.
I did not know there were so many North Carolina people on here.....

Hello from the (now reduced in size) Lake Norman area....
I hung out in Duck, outer banks, for a week. Does that count? I even went to Sathreb Slessum, but just the one time...