Looking for a Pro in the SF Bay Area to install an Elk or DSC alarm system


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Folks, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong forum. I currently run a homeseer automation system, and am looking to expand it's knowledge of what's going on in the house by replacing the first alert system that came with the house with either a Elk M1 system or DSC Caddx. This would entail replacing the controller and 3 keypads, reusing all the wired sensors, and also adding some new sensors using the GE CADDX wireless line. I can handle the homeseer programming.

I've pretty much done all the HA and other stuff (VOIP phone system, multiclient HD DVR, etc..) myself, but after having twins and working a fulltime job at a startup, I just don't have the cycles to do this myself ina reasonable timeframe.

So if folks know anyone in the SF Bay Area (I live in Redwood City) of someone who knows their stuff with these systems, and doesn't have to be taught about configuring them, could you please send me a PM or email response? I trust the folks on the forum's judgment.

I contacted Elk back when I was writing that Security 101 presentation, their regional rep recommended Mario Velasco of Ideal Protection Services.

I'll PM you with some details.