looking for a small receiver/amp


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I am looking for a cheap amp or receiver that has a remote control and a switched outlet, and is less than 12" deep. Has anyone seen one?

I put some nice speakers in the kitchen for audio, and a computer monitor connected to my MCE computer for video, but I need a way to adjust the volume and turn off the monitor (or puts it into power saving mode) that fits ontop of or in the kitchen cabinets.

Does anyone have any ideas?
I have an old (maybe 5 years) Sony Amp that I use for my office (it's still in my equipment closet hidden) that is about 11" deep. Model number is STR-D365. Works fine, modest power (guessing 80W per channel), switched outlet, remote. Maybe you can find one of these somewhere.

I'm betting a trip to Circuit City/Best Buy would yield you several options if you're just looking for an inexpensive receiver/amp.
I can't stand going to best buy or circuit city during the holidays. but what you have sounds perfect. and theres a cheap one on ebay.

I checked ebay - yep, that's the same one. It is only stereo (one of the ads made reference to audio/video control center, but it does not support more than stereo), but works well (I have no complaints - especially since I paid very little for it).