Looking for an inexpensive multidisc DVD Changer

Ok, I am aware this may have been brought up in other topics, however what I am looking for is an inexpensive DVD Changer (at least 200 disc) with an RS-232 port for DVD Lobby to control. Got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide
Wouldn't you want to start at the cinemaronline.com page, so that you get one that's supported "out-of-the-box", rather than requiring you to write a driver?
This one was quickly found at Crutchfield.com. Not inexpensive but a start. I'd be interested in hearing about others, too.
I was looking at the same objective a little while back. The one you reference seemed to be the 'standard' for what you outlined.

You can get them on e-bay for around $500 or so, but other than that all I have seen is about $799.

I was curious on the lower model which is closer to $250. Reportedly it is hard to control via IR (which was surprising, but I won't dispute peoples experience with this). I originally thought you could send the disc numbers via IR and use software to understand what disk is where.

I've been tempted to get the lower model, but for long term automation, apparently the more expensive one is the way to go (at list prices though it is almost 3 times the cost).

If you find more information I'd love to hear it, I'm still torn on the issue (and am still on other projects). You can tie some into MCE but I haven't done the research yet on that either.
I bought the one off ebay for $500.00.

I'm happy with it eventhough everything isn't finished yet. I'm not much of a designer and don't have much time now to polish a dvdlobby page yet. Hopefully soon I can get it done but thats the one I would go with again.
Cinemar sells the Sony CX777ES changer for $699 and packages it with DVDLobby at discount as well. This is the best DVD changer to use with software (like DVDLobby). Ready to ship!