Looking for Home Automation Designer / Engineer


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Extensively renovating a home built in the 50s.  Looking for a HA system designer.  Please share your thoughts / advice.
I would like to work with an automation designer to develop single line diagrams for low voltage wiring and system components.  An equipment and material schedule would also need to be developed prior to installation.  All of this goes to the Architect who is designing the renovation.  Any recomendations would be appreciated - please only provide these if you have actually worked with the person(s) on projects, etc.  Location is Atlanta but IMO the designer doesn't have to be local.
Project will include:

low voltage wiring for HA, A/V, network, security (one chance to get it right)
DC microgrid for LED lighting inside house
Small solar PV array w/ plans for battery storage
Whole house A/V, media (possible home theater)
Lighting and daylighting controls (including shading)
Emphasis on energy management (HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, pool, plug loads..)
security system

New pool installation
outdoor + landscape lighting (hopefully DC)

solar water heating
One of my goals is to integrate all these systems into a single user interface.