Looking for Low Voltage installer in DC area


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I have a home built in 1934 and need some LV wiring help to install some hardwired smokes, CO and motion sensors.

When I did the Elk install, I used a lot of wireless to avoid wiring. :)

It's one of those, I might be able to do it myself, but someone with the right tools and experience could do it oh so much better and faster.

Let me know if you do LV and are in the DC area. The job is in Takoma Park, MD.

So... I have a friend who should be able to help you out. Drop me an email and I'll forward it to him. Is it only Security/HA, or are you also looking for network/phone/video drops, etc?

Unfortunately, I've got too much going on to help, otherwise I'd have been interested. (It's a side business/hobby of mine)
I think Squintz (a frequent poster here) is in the DC area as well and recently got his low voltage installer license.