Looking for Motion PIR, not X10


I would like to start adding some motion sensors in locations to track movements, but I don't want to use X10 ones. Instead, I would prefer wired ones that go on the ceiling and have a 360º pattern. But I haven't found any.

Does any one know where to find a few?
I bought a nice cheap unit from AutomatedOutlet.com, but I haven't had a chance to install it yet, but the specs look good. But from what I have heard, I have to agree with Wayne, Visonic is a decent brand.
I have a few Visonic Clips that I've played with but haven't installed. Overall, though, I've been happy with what I've seen playing with them.

But, they don't fit your requirement for a 360deg view from the ceiling.
I checked out AO, but didn't see any 360º PIRs. Just the standard corner mount with curtain/pet alley/etc. Did I miss something?
I am not sure about the pattern, I just mentioned them as they were relatively cheap.