looking for mountable mini LCD's


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I am looking for an LCD "kit" (if possible, very low profile), can accept RCA or VGA as input, and cheap. My plans are to mount one of these into my fridge door (showing a shopping list, calendar and such), and mount one behind my bathroom mirrors, allowing me to catch the headlines, weather and other data in the morning. Has anyone ever done this, or does anyone know where to find these relatively cheap? Thanks!
I've been thinking of the fridge option myself, but haven't done anything with. I got the idea when flipping through a magazine that featured a fridge with an internet device on front.

Bathroom mirror is Awsome idea.

Let me know how you make out with hardware!!!!!
I think Power Acoustik makes the thinnest LCDs for car headrests and sunvisors. Thickness is about 18mm, RCA input. They come with a barebone LCD, optional casing, wires, and mounting brackets for very custom jobs. But the price tag for those range from $130 - $300. I also know of a distributor from Hong Kong that sells enclosed 7" touchscreens for about $240... accepts VGA input and RCA (through converter), 26mm thick. It has built-in audio input/output and a USB port.

Cheapest option now is to search through clearance racks for those Playstation LCD screens. I've seen them go for $40. You can rip them apart and form it to your application. What are you going to do about condensation?
A fridge door is insulated, so condensation shouldn't be a problem in that case. My bathroom mirrors are like a small cabinet, 3 mirrored doors as shown in the picture below:


So the electronics etc would be inside the cabinet, not exposed to condensation (hopefully). Since the LCD would be in one of the "mirror doors", the view angle can be changed (when there is no condensation of course) in case you are doing some thinking or taking a bath :lol:
you can do anything with money hehe, it's just a matter of having it (which I don
't lol) :lol:
that's the plan with the bathroom mirrors, but yes, "digital newspapers" already exist, usually used in big advertising projects. eInk is one of the companies that has this product (http://www.eink.com/news/releases/pr69.html), plenty of other companies out there that have products that look exactly like paper, but are screens :lol:
What kind of WAF factors do you think you'll get into mounting hardware inside of those cabinets? I know I would sure catch it!
Wife would probably love the "LCD in a bathroom cabinet " project, and she definitely seemed to like the fridge idea. Thanks BSR, wish I could be there!
Did you ever find what you were looking for? I do have a supplier that carries some pretty low cost mini screens. I think most of them are wireless and might come with a little camera and TV tuner. I think they are less than $100 but they aren't the highest quality. Let me know I'll check them out again when I go down there later this week.