Looking for nice wire ring to finish off hole in wall


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Let me try to discribe what I am looking for. I am pulling wire through a wall into my wiring closet. I am looking for a large ring to finish off the look of this hole in the wall. It needs to big big (4" or larger) and have smooth edges - something suitable for wiring to be pulled through without snagging. I'd also like it to be cheap (a couple of bucks max each)!

I have found some PVC pipe junction box adaptors that look exactly like what I want. They have a nice smooth interior and a lip that would make a very clean installation. The problem is the biggest size I've seen is 2".

Has anyone seen these in a larger size, or have any other suggestions?



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They have a small interference ring, but I don't think it would work too well with drywall. You could always run a small bead of silicon or other glue around the outside (that should work).


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I'm not on fire with any of the suggestions so far. I appreciate the posts, but it's not exactly what I am looking for (primarily because I suspect they are pretty expensive and t although they come in larger sizes, they seem to be limited in the number of wires unless you broke off the outer cover).

I stopped by a local building supply store today with counter sales and the biggest PVC conduit junction box adapter they had was also 2" just like Home Depot. They suggested I try another supplier as they felt like someone surely made a larger size. If a can find a larger junction box adapter that would be perfect as it is exactly what I am looking for and only costs about $2 each.

Keep the ideas coming, and I'll let you know if I find a supplier for the largerbox adapter.



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I use the Datacom units that Stef linked for small cable bundles, but also use what's called a PVC "Terminal Adapter" which I can get in up to 3" size at a local electrical supply shop. I use them most often for bringing wires through the ceiling into a wiring closet or rack.



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On the Datacomm ones, can anybody give dimensions of the 1/2/3 ganger openings and/or a practical guide as too how much cable would fit in each...

I roughly have a 3 bundles (one of cat6 and one of cat5/speaker, and one of coax) each of which would probably fit in a 2" conduit by itself

I think that (3) 2-gangs would be enough, just want to make sure the deppth of that opening isn't too flat - if so maybe the 3 gangs...



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I keep some of the Datacomm plates in stock so opened up one of the 2-gang boxes and took a couple pictures... you can get quite a few wires through them.



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