Looking for PC Anywhere/NetOp alternatives


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Can anyone recommend a remote control package which supports tcp/ip & serial communications? I already own PC Anywhere & NetOp, but before I upgrade, I would like to see if there is anything better out there. Thanks!
Do you mean serial comms for the connection?

Anyway, I use PC Anywhere here in the office and much prefer Radmin, which I use at home.
I can't figure out if RAadmin supports serial connections, they briefly mention a modem, but there is nothing about it in their feature list.
From the RAdmin v2.1 Help file:

Radmin doesn't work with a modem directly. To use a modem-to-modem connection you need to configure Dial-Up networking on both the server and client computers.

Radmin uses a TCP/IP connection between computers. So, you need to set up this service on both computers.
I'm confused, since if you can run serial, why can't you run Ethernet and use full IP network control?