Looking for professional training in HA


Hello, I live in Ecuador and I’m very interested in contribute to the growth of the HA business.

I think the only way of doing that is by training. I have already some experience in the area, but not as much I would like to offer integration services.

Could you recommend HA courses? online or not, that’s ok with me. I’m willing to travel to learn more about the industry. Is there any University or college offering a career on HA for example?

What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.
Training is conducted at the various trade shows. Here is the next one:
www.ehxweb.com in November in Long Beach California. Come on by the Automated Outlet booth when you get there!
Thanks, Ill take a look to that expo.
Now, do you know any place wuere I can find HA resources? For example, sample documents, how to start a business docs, etc.

In May I attended Residential Integrator School in San Diego hosted by Home Controls and AVDMedia.


The first 3 days were hands-on and lecture on each area of Home Automation, Home Theater, Lighting Control, Whole House Audio. There was also discussions on business philosophy and project Management. (This is only a partial list)

Days 4 and 5 focused on marketing and successful business plans.

Read the full course schedule on the web site.

The program was well planned and run smoothly. Along with gathering invaluable information pertinent to a new business or existing business, the networking with other integrators was invaluable. Our class of 24 included integrators from all over the US as well as Portia Rico and even Ireland.

I see that they currently have not posted the next class dates but they generally have 3 classes a year.

I recommend this school as an excellent training ground for building a solid business.