Looking for some Music!


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I am soon going to be working on a video presentation. It is basically going to be a slideshow with a bit of video. I am looking for some music for it. I was wondering if you guys would have any suggestions? It should be upbeat, to make sure the audience does not fall asleep! :) I was thinking somewhere along the lines of the music dramatic music used in some of the movie trailers these days. Also, I am looking for a song that has a portion that has rapid bass. You know, a part where I can flash pictures for 1/2 a second, going to the beat of the music.

Any suggestions welcome!
What about the Mission Impossible theme? It should meet your requirements, I am checking my media library right now to see what else will fit the bill.
Some of the Flash developer sites have background music as downloads to embedd in Flash applications. Most is dynamic for corporate home page use.
Here are a few music tracks that I think would go well with a presentation, they all have catchy tunes, a fast beat and no lyrics:

Artist: Aim
Album: Cold Water Music
Title: Downstate
Length: 2m48s
A bit short but one of my faves.

Artist: Coldcut
Album: Let Us Replay
Title: Border
Length: 7m42s
A bit special, might not suit your tastes.

Artist: DJ Shadow
Album: The Private Press
Title: You Can't Go Home Again
Length: 8m25s
More relaxed, still with a fast beat (you may want to clip the beginning off).

Check your PM.
I've got some dance stuff that's really upbeat...listening to it now actually. I've never thought about it, but this beat would rock as a background. Just gotta figure out how to take the words out. ;)