Loss of Color with HDTV over CAT5


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Hi all,

I have a new problem that I thought you might be able to help me fix. I had an A/V system installed in my house 2-years ago. I have a central A/V closet in my house and from there it runs 1080i HDTV signals to two different TV's about 100' away. The system converts the HD component video signal to Cat 5 and then re-converts it back to HD component video at each TV.

About a month ago, both TV's seem to have lost a significant amount of red color in the picture. The picture quality on these two TV’s is just fine if I get the video straight from my COMCAST cable input w/o going through the centralized A/V system…

The problem occurs any time I use the HD/Cat5 network (e.g. it doesn't matter if I'm viewing my DVR or my DVD... same issue).

I have a 3rd TV that is connected directly to my A/V system via 1080i HD component video (DVD, DVR, etc.) without any of the CAT5 conversions and it's picture is always great.

Because of the fact that this is happening to BOTH of my remote TV’s (each of which has it's own receiver that converts the Cat5 signal to HD component), I’m thinking there’s a problem in the centralized A/V cabinet. I'm assuming that either the video transmitter or the video amplifier must have gone bad or need adjusting.

System wise there is (1) CE Labs CAT5 transmitter and (1) CE Labs HDTV Component amp 1X4 in the A/V cabinet.

Can someone point me in a direction? Should I just replace both, one, easy adjustment?

Thanks in advance!
It could be something as simple a bad red channel cable. You have to isolate parts of the system and test individually with known working cables. You didn't post the exact input/output configuration you have but most likely it's a cable or the CAT5 transmitter.
Most likely one of the component input cables has just slipped out of either the source or the CAT5TX box. Check both ends of the cables.

Is the component A/V amp in the chain before or after the CAT5TX?