Lost All User Codes


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I have a panel on the bench for testing. All of a sudden it has lost all of its user codes and I cannot disarm the panel, it is armed. I tried every user code and it went bong. I tried the duress code and it disarmed. I will go in with ELKRP and rebuild the user codes. Has anyone else experienced this? The last thing I did was put an ELK 912 relay across Output 2 with no problems. It has the latest firmware.

Edit: A little more information, the M1 recognizes the user code to get into the higher programming from the keypad but doesn't recognize the code for a disarm. The only code it recognizes for a disarm is the duress code.

Further Edit: The problem has now miraculously healed itself. I entered valid user codes and then armed the system. The M1 now recognizes all of the previous codes for disarming with no ELKRP intervention. Has this happened to anyone else but me?
Here's a further update. I tweaked the panel for Neil to test the duress code arming glitch, and, once again the M1 lost all the other codes.

Edit: I had to enter each user code while the panel was disarmed and then arm the panel. Unless I entered each code and armed the M1 it would not recognize the user code for a disarm. However, it does recognize it for an arm.
I noticed it on another panel that I was testing. It could be a real problem if the only user code for disarm is duress and you haven't notified the CS prior to disarming. In that case it would be better to let the panel go into alarm mode without entering the duress code and then call the CS to abort. If you try to abort a duress some police agencies will not accept a CS abort.