Lost Zone / Low Battery


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I am having trouble with losing zones on my CADDX system.

I have an NX-8E control panel with a NX-E receiver module. My system has 16 wireless zones that use SlimLine Sensors NX-452 (ITI 60-499) and NX-458 (ITI 60-741) sensors. The system has been installed and working fine for about 2 years.

Recently, I started to get a lost zone code from one of the sensors. I changed it out for a new sensor and it worked fine for about a month. Aftrer a month I started to get the same lost zone message.

After the failure of the second sensor, I then started to get a low battery signal from another sensor. The battery voltage on this sensor is above the nominal 3.6 volts.

Can anyone help me with the following questions:

1) I have trouble removing a sensor after it is enrolled. I follow the instructions and toggle the zone off in the main module and disable it in the wireless module. I then reactivate the sensor in both modules, but when I attemp to enroll the sensor, I get three beeps indicating the either the sensor is all ready enrolled or the zone does not exist. Am I missing a step?

2) Has anyone else had trouble with the slimline sensors (NX 452) dying after only two years?
You may have the transmitter in a marginal RF location with weak signals to the receiver. Sometimes moving items or redecorating the home can further weaken the signal.
Spanky Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, the sensors that have failed are the closet most inline withthe recever of any I have. I even tried putting the sensors within inches of the receiver no change.