Lots of details on new pro-line Z-Wave switches...


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I just ran across Intermatic's new Home Settings Pro website. It gives a whole bunch of info on their new "Pro" line Z-Wave switches. As I understand it, these will be widely available in the upcoming months.

And they come with a ten-year warranty! I guess you can do that when you're a 113+ year old company with lots of experience making switches that do last a long time.


It looks like the relay switches are truly drop-in replacements for regular wall switches, and the receptacle, remote, and PIR look very nice.

BTW, that contactor module is a beast (as far as load goes). 30A resistive (6600 VA)--whoa. I wonder if they're using something similar in their new Z-Wave Pool and Spa (I-Wave) system, or if it needs that kind of power?

[BTW, the Intermatic retail line has a new website too, at http://www.homesettings.com -- and you can sign up to be an authorized installer right there on the two websites; I do understand that these devices will be available to all electrical contractors.]

CES and IBS are sure going to be interesting shows this year.

ChrisWalker said:
It looks like the relay switches are truly drop-in replacements for regular wall switches . . .
Chris, are you saying that they are two-wire switches? No neutral required? (I couldn't find specifics on the web site).

That would convince me to switch to ZWave. I wouldn't care if I had to change a battery in the switch (silly, I know) if it could replace my two-wire switches.
Rocco: I know that some of the Intermatic Z-Wave switches are 2-wire, but I think that's limited to the dimmers. I'm not sure if all the dimmers are 2-wire or not, but I know that some of them are.

For on/off switches, I'm guessing that they require neutrals, but you never know what the electrical gurus at these companies could come up with . . .

As far as "drop in," I mean that you could actually replace a 15A standard light switch with one of these. Most of the on/off switches on the market can't handle 15A (1800W) tungsten loads. Some of them, like the SmartHome Insteon switches, are only rated to handle about 500 watts of incandescent lighting--even though they are "15A" switches. And from our experience, a lot of the manufacturers are fairly liberal in their ratings.

Intermatic seems to rate things _below_ what they actually handle, which probably has a lot to do with their "industrial-grade" reputation. At the Florida Z-Wave home, someone accidentally put 600+ watts of lighting on a 300 watt Intermatic HA06 dimmer switch. Oops! We swapped out the 60W bulbs for 20W and 40W bulbs, but it was amazing that the switch could handle the draw plugged into it.

I sure hope their switches are not built like their web server. I clicked the links and the pages are dead.
Okay these look really cool. But, How would you explain to your grandparents how to use the Multi-Button Scene Controller?

They should model after Lightolier, as they got the best IMOP.
Is it only me that can not access www.homesettingspro.com?

I have been trying all day and nobody else has complained of it not working. I can get to www.homesettings.com just fine but when i click on the pro section it does not find the server and when i type it in my browser manually it does not find it.

How new is the site? Perhaps the name just has not propagated to me yet.
Yes, I can get to their regular site just fine. It's only the pro site that I am having trouble with. I will have to try it from home.
It seems to be working now. Craig from intermatic saw my post and contacted me. It seems that they fixed the server issue but there are still a few minor bugs that I am seeing.

Welcome to the forums Craig. Please introduce yourself.
betrickey said:
Where can I find the pro line of switches?
They're slated for RTM Q1 2006, as far as I understand. You should be able to get them through any electrical contractor, distributor, etc. That's probably a question for someone at Intermatic. I just know the answers to questions I've asked ;)

If you go to the International Builders Show in three weeks, Intermatic should have them at their booth as well.

I got my free invitations in the mail the other day and was thinking of going anyways. I may have to attend just to take a look at these products.