Low-Cost USB Data Acquisition Unit


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NEW Low Cost USB DAQ from NI - Starting at $145

Acquire and log data in minutes with new USB DAQ devices from
National Instruments. With ready-to-run data logging software
and driver software for LabVIEW included, taking measurements is
simple. The hardware has all the functionality you need to
acquire and generate analog signals, read and write digital signals, and perform timing operations, all starting at $145.


Is this low-cost compared to others out there?
Well if you plan on using LabView as the interface, then "low cost" is thrown out the window.

As for a 12-bit 8-channel analog acquisition system, this probably isn't bad, the problem being software to interface to it!
I believe you get VB drivers with it, so, at the least, you could create your own app to talk to your HA system of choice (if you have VB and know how to use it :) ).
Labview.... now your speaking my language...

Don't forget you can get a Labjack unit pretty cheap...



Refresh my memory, can you make a portable executable from a LabView program (i.e. you wouldn't need LabView to run that compiled file)? I don't believe you can, but you would know!

You can make an EXE file but you have to have the Labview runtime library installed to run it.

This is how we do it at work for the test systems.