Low-power and/or solar-powered sensors and units


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Now that I'm living in the country/rural area again and watching energy prices continue to rise faster than incomes, I'm finding myself more and more interested in low-power or solar-powered devices that can be used in HA and other areas around the house. I read with great interest about small modules being put into a network-like mesh of interconnected and relaying systems. Some of them even use RF to transmit and receive info "wirelessly".

Now I want to see these technologies merged to create the wireless sensor networks for HA and other uses. Even high-level functions could be using the technology, of course, such as 802.11, Zigbee, etc. While these exist today in various forms, most of them require significant power sources. I think bringing it to something that can use strictly solar/battery power so they can be truly wireless and long-lived at a decent price point would be the turning point, at least for me. Might even be worth wiring a separate power system to get rid of all those horrible wall warts for the smaller stuff.

I'd be interested to hear/read about devices that meet these options if you happen to come across it on the Inet. I think we all have to start taking small steps to reduce our energy usage, which in turn helps not only our pocketbooks, but also our little blue-green planet. What have you seen lately?
hehehe - I'm replying to myself... Here's an interesting page withh a video about the decline of oil and fossil fuels.


I also like the remark one gentleman in the video made about many economies being designed for growth models and not taking into account shrinking, loss, etc. I think this is a fundamental problem the US has been facing for years and something that we must now embrace (shrinkage of government). One thing's for sure - as oil becomes scarce, prices will rise, and then other technologies, as yet undeveloped or otherwise, will become cost-effective in comparison!

But anyway, I'm still thinking of how we might better conserve energy - in most cases electrical in our HA endeavors - and try to find more mechanical and nature-friendly ways of doing some ofhtis automation stuff.

What do you think?