Low priced automated window treatments


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Guys, I found this link over at AVS in a thread discussing curtains for a theater screen: http://www.remotecontrolcurtain.com/product1.html

There stuff 'sounds' pretty good (can't say looks becuase they're all not-so-good animations) and the prices are amazing, $159 for a complete remote contol curtiain solution supporting up to 13' of curtain. It looks like they have future products for just about every other kind of window treatment you can imagine too.

I wonder how well these will work.
That definitely looks pretty interesting. Looks like they are going to release some other cool products as well. Big question is, can they be controlled with an Ocelot :angry:
Guys I'm signing up to be a dealer, I've already set it up. I can save you about $30 on each curtain. If your wanting some let me know as they are not on the site.
Brian, it would be nice if you can get your hands on some and post a review.

I went and did more digging at AVS and a few posters said that they have issues with heavier curtains - mostly the big velvet ones people use in Home Theaters.

There was also some discussion of multiple "stops" on the curtain so you could use them for 2.35:1 contant height scenarious, but it looks like it only "stops" at fully open and fully closed.. though I'm sure a fellow cocooner could easily overcome that limitation.
I thought that there was a Stop button on the remote, plus I think there was verbiage that said you could stop them anywhere? Maybe that was just for blinds, though...
Did anyone find anything about these being RF or IR? I can't find anything on the site; if it's IR, I could use my USB-UIRT to control them.

That would be super-cool, as it was the reason I got curious about HA.
Most likely another degree of robustness. Very likely not as robust / reliable as a Makita (big bucks), but somewhere in between. You will note from the pics of this design that the drapery track comes with this one. The link you post is a retrofit of an existing conventional track. My guess is the smarthome one isn't quite as polished as this one. But, until someone buys one and reports, it's all speculation as to the quality.

If I didn't already have heaps of projects on the plate, I would try it out. But, now I am waiting like the rest of you!

Good point David. I have one of the SmartHome devices and it is extremely loud but has worked for years.
DavidL said:
My guess is the smarthome one isn't quite as polished as this one. But, until someone buys one and reports, it's all speculation as to the quality.
Heck, i'll buy one now and try it out, if I knew I could use the HA-PC to control it.
They are IR. But they didn't know what Freq. they were.

Oh and they did say that some home automation guys are controlling them but they didn't have any details.
FYI: I just ordered 2 of these, and will report back to this thread when I've gotten a chance to install & review them.

I'm looking to control via either
- CQC & my IRMan
- My MX850 remote
Got them, just finished assembling it, tested it out on my desk. Will post pics later tonight/tomorrow. Wife wants to go to Target/BedBathBeyond to find new curtains before we mount it - god forbid I use old curtains with a new IR curtain rod.

1) Definitely very solid and heavy metal, doesn't feel cheap at all.
2) It comes with 4 rods to do a 4-wide window. The base unit is exactly the right size for a standard US window size

1) The manual was definitely not written by a native english-speaking person, and the pics are very fuzzy and hard to follow. After attempting to decipher it for 20 mins, I gave up and looked at the rods and reverse-engineered how it works by plugging it in and trying random stuff. Then again, that's how I do everything - why should this be any different.
2)It comes with a wired control unit & the wireless remote. I will likely snip the wires off the control unit once it's mounted and working fine - the thing looks pretty ugly.

I'll put full pics/writeup hopefully this weekend.
Not to change this topics direction but how did you make the AVI's that you posted?