Lowe's writes up HA


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Interesting, because last time I looked you cannot do half of what they list from what they sell in the store...at least here in NM.
There is a Lowes literally just three minutes from my home, yet I will drive the additional 20 to go to Home Depot if I need anything more complicated than a common screw.

My experience is they have unknowledgeable inexperienced people working there and are always out of stock of what you need.
Hmm, it's just the opposite here. I have a Home Depot about a half-mile away. I always go there first, and then go to Lowes (2 miles away) to get everything Home Depot didn't have.

I think it's simply the age of the local stores. Lowes is new, and about three times the size.
HDepot takes lots of my pay check.
What I really like about them is the no hassle return policy.
I buy 4 if I need 3 and then return the 1 if I didn't end up using it. Saves tons of transportation time (10 min each way).
We have 3 Lowes and 3 Home Depots and none of them carry a single (what I call HomeAutomation) X10-like device.
My local Lowes does carry wireless security system with light modules and more.

Interesting though is the keyfobs look exactly like my Caddx.

I havn't bought anything to confirm it would work with the Caddx receiver though.

I'm there on a weekly basis.
I love those stores, HD especially. They help feed my home "project" addiction.

Instant hot water heater for the kitchen sink? No problem.
Ceiling fan for the spare bedroom? You bet.
New outlets in odd locations? Now you're not even trying.

I've never gone to either for automation stuff but I find myself there often just to get various odds and ends.

Next projects may be flooring. I think it's time for tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and hardwood everywhere else.